Microsoft Office 365 Soon to be Ready For iPadOS

Well, it is an old proverb that it is better to be late than never turning up, some also believe that it is not at all better to be very, very late. Similar levels of consumer reactions have come over latest news about Microsoft making office 365 iPadOS ready.

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Those who have heard a proverb which says its better late, than never, can realise the relevance in today's technology news which says that Microsoft is now working on latest iPadOS features and update its Office 365 products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more) to make those compatible with iOS trackpad and mouse support by this fall.

According to some international media reports, Microsoft is currently on the job to give mouse and trackpod support for Office.

While using a trackpad, the cursor displays as a circle on the screen, popping up only when you have a finger on the trackpad. Developers across the world are currently busy working on to update their iPad apps.

TechCrunch reports that Microsoft is working on cursor support for Office for iPad, that's "expected to ship in Office for iPad this fall."

With this news coming, an Apple user from New Delhi, India commented, "If this happens, I believe it will going to be widely accepted by the users. Such compatibility is in demand for last many years. I have been using Mac for years but I still prefer to work on Office 365 as other Microsoft Office applications on my Mac or iPad."

On the contrary, Manoj Kumar, an entrepreneur who works in IT industry find this news not so game-changing. He said, "If this is happening now, it must be considered as a late response from Microsoft. Their corporate rivalry have been so prolonged and stiff that users have already accepted a very strong alternative of Google Docs. So whether it is happening or not, I found less of a difference."

However, Microsoft was quick to roll out iPad Split View for Outlook on iOS last year. The tech giant has released a unified Office app for iOS earlier this year.

Apple in March released iOS and iPadOS 13.4, the latest major updates to the iOS 13 operating system with trackpad support.

iPadOS 13.4 introduced trackpad and mouse support on all iPad models released in the past four to five years.

Now, one can pair a mouse or trackpad with their iPad and use it to move a cursor on the display. The update also adds support for the new Magic Keyboard accessory with built-in trackpod support.

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