Mastermobile Trader App Launched

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mastertrust introduces mastermobile trader app, a serious trader’s secret weapon to ensure that traders are able to capitalize on all trading and investment opportunities. Built on native technology, this app is very fast and light as well as easy to use and has all the features traders need to trade successfully.

This app caters to both active day traders and passive traders. Traders using mastermobile get the real-time data of individual contracts and market indices with the ability to trade across segments like Equities, F&O, Currency, and Commodities. Normal buy/sell, cover, and AMO orders can be made using the application too. Furthermore, order histories, trades, and position reports can be generated in an easy way to understand formats. Traders who use mastermobile can view their stock holdings and accounts over a simple interface designed for user experience enhancements. They needn’t have security concerns because the app is protected behind two layers of impenetrable security.

Search for stocks and instruments is simplified by a search bar where recommendations appear as names of stocks and instruments are typed. The search bar only needs 2 letters to make recommendations, making the stock search 10x easier. The customizable multi-marketwatch views help users to see metrics such as market depth, open charts, and buy and sell orders when they hover over an instrument on their watch lists. The app is made available during the day and light theme and is thoughtfully designed to enable the traders find all information related to an instrument in one place facilitating a simplified trading experience.

More than just a trading app, mastermobile equips powerful tools including a variety of charting tools to be leveraged for technical analysis so that users can make informed trading experience. Relevant news about any company from every website is automatically shared and alerts arrive when price conditions for stocks are met. Traders get to make market orders, limit orders, SL and SLM orders, cover orders, aftermarket orders, and bracket orders along with the instant status updates after order placement. For the novice traders, the app is empowered with powerful Scanners, to help users find instruments that have been performing or underperforming.There are two layers of security in the application that is login password and two factor authentication.

Speaking about the launch of the mastermobile app, Mr. Jashan Arora, Director (Master Capital Services Ltd.), says “With the ease of punching trades through mobile app, investors are switching to mobile phone transactions. The Indian equity markets are also maturing and the success in mature markets demands significant speed and cutting-edge technology. This makes mastermobile essential for serious traders. With mastermobile, traders need not base decisions on word of mouth or intuition but rather on the output produced by technical tools, analysis, recommendations, relevant news, and alerts. Using this app, we expect the users to take informed decisions and truly grow the size of their portfolios”.

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