KVIC to conduct physical verification of PMEGP units in Kerala and Lakshadweep

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Nov 09, 2015 08:50 IST
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KVIC to conduct physical verification of PMEGP units in Kerala and Lakshadweep

The Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) is planning to conduct the physical verification of Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) units in Kerala and Lakshadweep to confirm whether the unit is set up as per the norms of the schemes and is working satisfactorily.

“In case it is found that the unit is not working as per the norms of the scheme, then the Margin Money will be called back by KVIC. Otherwise it is adjusted to the loan account of the beneficiary,” said a notification.

KVIC had been conducting physical verification through its technical staff in the field. It will be conducted by the selected agency for the state.

The physical verification will also include certain information from the concerned financing banks in the area and obtained signed statement from the unit holder as well as the manager of financing bank.

In view of the large number of projects expected under PMEGP and the inadequate staff available, it is proposed to go in for outsourcing of this activity which could be conducted in a professional manner by a competent agency having the required capacity and infrastructure facilities.

In this regards, KVIC is inviting bids from agencies dealing in evaluation studies, technical consultancy and survey having infrastructure and capacity for physical verification in rural and urban areas including remote and inaccessible areas in the states to conduct physical verification of the PMEGP units located in the state.

However, one agency may bid more than one state and union territory as per its capacity and infrastructure, it said.

The total number of units to be physically verified for 2013-14 in the Kerala will be around 1505 numbers and 28 numbers under Lakshadweep.

Under the PMEGP scheme of Ministry of MSME, unemployed beneficiaries may set up the project up to 25.00 lakhs by availing bank finance through public sector banks as well as cooperative and private banks in the country.

KVIC will be extending Margin Money subsidy ranging from 10-35 per cent depending on the financial range of the project and the social category of the beneficiary.

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