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Keka Helps ATPL in Increasing its Success Ratio: Automating HR processes

Keka facilitated ATPL in streamlining its employee management systems, which led to an increase in the company's success ratio.

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Keka, one of India’s most trusted Payroll software brands recently aided Ajmera Tyres (ATPL), the biggest tyre products retailer in Nagpur, to transform its employee management processes and systems. ATPL was established in 1968 and ever since then they have gradually moved from manually written employee management processes to excel/spreadsheet operated systems. These working models proved to be erroneous and hence Keka and its team stepped in to revamp the manual processes into automated and zero error systems.

The experts at Keka supported ATPL through the onboarding and implementation processes. For instance, the team enabled the setting up of newer policies, creating job and recruitment portals, training modules, etc., to ensure seamless onboarding.

Keka facilitated ATPL in streamlining its employee management systems, which led to an increase in the company’s success ratio. With the help of the user-friendly design and easy-to-use interface, the platform was easily adapted by the employees at ATPL, and it turned out to be a one-stop destination for any employee-related information. While the team efficiently placed the systems and began operations, it was the accuracy of attendance-capturing that lead to better precision and culpability amongst employees. This led to the staff being more aware of their responsibilities and have now become more punctual.

Speaking on this new employment announcement, Vijay Yalamanchili, Founder – Keka Technologies, said, “The automated management process initiated by Keka was not just helpful for the employees at ATPL but also for the managers and other individuals at the management position. Eliminating manual intervention through automation meant that the manager is liable to approve the employee’s request for attendance, leaving disciplinary responsibilities in the hands of the employees.”

The results of this process update led to growth metrics that showed positive results. ATPL achieved 100% data accuracy with a 32% increase in people’s productivity. Team’s data-orientation increased, with a 95% improvement in the ease of capturing attendance, and an 80% increase in ease of access to HR data, for the HR team. The biggest benefit was that 30 hours were saved in payroll processing and 8 hours were saved in employee grievance management.

With the processes initiated through the Keka employee portal, staff members at ATPL have now become more self-reliant when it comes to personnel concerns. It is with the assistance of the Help Desk communication channel, that the employees can now resolve issues swiftly through well-defined standard operating procedures.

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