Indilites LED Lighting Presents SANITIZE- a UV Sanitization Chamber for Household Items

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Sanitization is getting recognized as the first line of defence after wearing face mask. Due to the Covid19 pandemic, it is quintessential for households as well as businesses to sanitize and disinfect each and every item that could post a threat of exposure to the virus. IndiLites LED Lighting introduces SANITIZE, a UV sanitiser chamber to sanitise household items like keys, wallets, mobile phones and even fruits and vegetables.

The UV sanitisation chamber emits UVC lights that have a specific wavelength of 220nm to 280nm. This light is invisible to the naked eye, but has the capability to kill the DNA of pathogens, viruses and bacteria present on surfaces. It’s reported to kill 99.99% bacteria in minutes. The source of this radiation are germicidal UV LED Light, working without ozone formation and long service life (average of 40000 hours). It uses narrow band UVC light for a high-efficiency targeting of the DNA disrupting wavelength that stops pathogens. The ultraviolet radiation, thus prevents the growth of bacteria and viruses on the surface of materials and tools. The device is also eco-friendly, as it removes the need to use carcinogenic chemical pollutants in the network.

Simply wash items (tools, sponges, brushes, etc.), place them in the drawer, switch on the light and the ultraviolet system acts as a germicide, cleaning the item kept inside for sanitization. Ultraviolet light automatically shuts off when the door is opened, for human safety and reactivates when door is closed.

“With this launch, we are aiming at providing safe and effective sanitisation across various spectra like homes, industries, commercial establishments, malls and public spaces. The idea is to enable consumers to create a habit of maintaining sanitisation and hygiene as a permanent feature even after the current crises ends. We foresee a huge need as well as acceptance of this device across the world and it is our endeavour to be able to cater to the demand, thereby giving an impetus to manufacturing on the lines of the government’s Make in India initiative”, says Fahad Khateeb, Director, Indilites LED Lighting.

Price ranging from Rs. 15000 to Rs. 48,000, the device is available in 6 different models. It can be widely used at homes, hospital, chemists, food and catering services, etc. This light will be now extensively used at all offices, banks, restaurants to disinfect bags, laptops and even vegetables and fruits. Jewellers could disinfect jewellery, hairdressers and salons could use to disinfect tools using this light. It can also be used at airports to disinfect baggage of travellers.

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