India is Second Largest Sourcing Country after China for Alibaba: Jack Ma

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The global impact of Prime Minister Modi’s aggressive focus towards the whole globe is has given birth to a action packed scenario in the economic fraternity. This time, while visiting New delhi, Chinese ecommerce tycoon Jack Ma of has refereed recent meeting between Prime Minister Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping, and said, “Entrepreneurs of both side can work together. And a joint business activity between Indian and Chinese businesses will benefit each other and both countries.”

Jack was speaking at Ficci event and also said, “These two nations have great culture and are influenced by new technology. I believe this is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs of both nations to work together to improve the culture, and the world."

China’s richest man Jack Ma has also indicated clearly that he is seriously and aggressively looking at India from the perspective of market, investment opportunity and much more. He has deployed a high-level team to increase engagement with India and assured more investments in the Indian market along with an aggressive hiring activity for Indian talent.

Also have also indicated Indian media that he has a clear focus towards Indian market and he is open for investment opportunities in terms of acquiring new companies.

Calling India as the second largest sourcing centre after China, the 50-year-old Alibaba boss is upbeat on India.  With a net worth nearly $25 billion, Ma also informed that close to 400,000 Chinese buyers are buying from India through Alibaba.

Products such as spices, chocolates and tea were the top three products sourced from India and acknowledged that the market had been ignored in the past. "Indians suppliers are smart. They are the second-highest Alibaba users after China. They use our site often. We are improving technology (to transform Alibaba) into a platform that'll help small business in India," he said.


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