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IIT Delhi Working on Creating a Center for Electric Vehicles

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At a time when the Government is cracking down on decade old diesel and petrol vehicles plying on roads in order to curb pollution while people are looking for its alternatives, Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi (IIT-D) is mulling on starting a centre for Electric Vehicles (e-vehicles) in coming years. The new centre would work in close collaboration with the international automobile giants in the electric vehicle market for research and development in the E-Vehicles.

Researchers at IIT-D are already working on several aspects of electric vehicles including developing of fast charging stations, fast charging batteries, design, other components, torque, its output, mileage etc. Students have even displayed the battery operated electric Formula racing car indigenously made by them at the Industry day held recently at IIT-D.

IIT-D will work comprehensively on drive-train, chargers and regenerative braking for EV’s, Li-Ion battery technology for EV’s, recycling and materials for Li-Ion batteries and vehicles, alternate fuel sources and control of EV’s.

According to IIT-D officials, the new centre for the e-vehicles would draw a significant proportion of its faculty from the experts of automobile industry. IIT-D, director V Ramgopal Rao said that it has been discussed at length in board meeting but would take final shape after the approval of senate and board of governors.

Also a centre for the cyber physical system would be established in IIT-D which will help in optimizing the output of several fields for instance agriculture. It will do real time and ground analysis of the prevailing conditions and will advise and assist on how to optimize the output.

“Like in an agricultural field the cyber physical system will help in determining the amount of fertilizer, water etc needed in a particular plot according to the prevailing circumstances and other conditions. Thus it will help in optimizing the productivity,” said  Rao.

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