How Happy this Year Could Be!

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Faiz Askari, Founder & Editor of SMEStreet

By Faiz Askari, Editor, SMEStreet


From the core of my heart, I would like to wish everyone, that this new year will bring great joy, great peace, great prosperity and great success among all of us.

The global economic boom can make this happen in each of our lives. But how far are we from the global economic boom? very difficult to say anything on this.

But, in order to understand how happy this year is going to be, we can analyse this aspect from the facts of 2014.

Atleast in the Indian context, this year bought great thrust, and huge policy shift towards economy.

Our Prime Minister’s foreign visits have made Indian global positioning transformed towards investors sentiments. And 2014, saw a great upsurge in a positive momentum. This needs to be sustained. The policy makers of the country are working aggressively, on ensuring the sustenance of this momentum.

‘Make In India’ , MSME Procurement Policy etc. are some the key developments that are making India’s global positioning stronger.

The Biggest challenge ahead of Indian economic growth is the availability of capital for new businesses. In addition, if we can witness a change among bankers’ outlook towards entrepreneurs in the year 2015, then we can say with an authority that Growth Revival is happening and economic boom is not far away.

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