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NEW DELHI: Hotelbids Hospitality Pvt Ltd, subsidiary of US Company Hotelbids, Inc. based in California, launched its much awaited App in India, with presence over 2500+ hotels in 69 cities. Response from the hotels was so positive that company registered all these hotels in just last 6 months.

Hotelbids – Stay@Your Price is an app that targets last-minute hotel bookings. The app is the brain child of Inder Sharma, a serial entrepreneur and founder of in 1996. Having been connected with the hospitality industry for over 20 years, he realized customers were not getting what they deserve.

Hundreds of online travel agencies (OTAs) claim the best deals, even though the difference in price remains just few rupees. Every night approximately 1.7 million rooms go empty globally. This gap created a need for a platform which is both customer-centric (to get the best deal) and hotel-centric (to fill to capacity).

“Until now, customers had to go to various travel sites to hunt for the best price for the same room at the same hotel. Plus, no one site gives consistent rates. At Hotelbids, consumers don’t search, the search comes to them. They just set their price and the specifics desired, the rest comes to them,” says Inder Sharma President and Founder HotelBids.

Hotelbids, Inc is founded by serial entrepreneur Inder Sharma’s incubator, based in Los Angeles, California (USA), and Aneesh Chopra who is the CTO of the company with a development and marketing office in Gurugram (Haryana).

To use this platform, a customer uses the app to request hotels in a particular city. This request is broadcast to all hotels in the Hotelbids network, which can respond immediately to accept the offer. Customers can then review the specifics of the hotel before making their decision. In this simple and transparent way, both hotels and customers win. It is a two click last minute room booking app.

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