Happy Republic Day! Time for Realizing and Justifying the Responsibilities

On behalf of SMEStreet, Faiz Askari greets Indian MSMEs and entire MSME Ecosystem a very Happy 70th Republic Day. The great pool of Indian MSMEs holds the great set of responsibilities too which are very critical from today’s perspective, writes Faiz Askari

Faiz Askari
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For about next few minutes just forget the problems and challenges that you as an entrepreneur are facing to run your business. Forget about finances, forget about complexities of documentation and forget all other micro and macroeconomic calamities that are around us. I know its hard, but just do it for the next few minutes today.

This is requested to you as you are the ‘chosen one’. The ‘chosen one’ of being part of the growth engine. Being a stakeholder of India’s vast MSME pool is extremely important and every important thing is the asset which needs to be handled with responsibility.

Since today is India’s 70th Republic Day and 69 years ago we became a republic nation with so many parameters of citizen-centric rights and developed a robust framework of governance. A nation is made from the people and the way it is getting governed. With such great constitutional values each and every Indian citizen, from every walks of life get certain constitutional rights, and these enormously important rights of Republic India comes with responsibilities. And the great pool of Indian MSMEs holds the great set of responsibilities too which are very critical from today’s perspective.

In this article which is getting written on the republic day, I would only like to appeal each one of us, who is either an employee or an employer, whether they are a service provider or facilitator, if they are associated with India’s MSME ecosystem, they must recognize their responsibilities. And this republic day is a good reason to make this beginning.

Once we realize such responsibilities, we can make sincere efforts to produce goods that are of international best quality. It is very important to ensuring quality standards in not just our products but also the way we do business, the way we perform our duties. We must be agile and cautious towards how we treat our employees, employers, clients, our services ecosystem.

This realization can also help in dealing with many issues such as delayed payments, the commitment of deadlines and so on. This realization of responsibilities can absolutely strengthen the trust factor on MSMEs.

Now this realization can also be extremely useful in dealing with some of the day-to-day challenges and problems that MSMEs are facing. MSME in India are biggest contributors to job creation and most importantly economic prosperity.

The words of economic prosperity directly influence another important aspect of socio-economic prosperity. And this becomes a critical element in ensuring sustainable socio-economic prosperity. More than 6 Million MSMEs of India are not just the engine of growth, why someone symbolized the MSMEs with the engine because it is the engine that runs the entire carrier or vehicle. Be it a Bus, train or aeroplane. Speed, stability, safety and comfort of the passengers in that carrier depends upon the engine. So an engine as to perform well, in order to make it perform well, believe me, a lot of care is needed, sheer attentiveness towards the engine is required. So, stakeholders of this vast pool of MSMEs must realize this.

While wishing everyone on this republic day, I would also like to mention that taking a pledge is not a child’s game. Why not on this republic day, we as responsible stakeholders of MSMEs can take this pledge of making sincere efforts and agile approach towards adding positive value in nation’s economic ecosystem. Nation’s financial ecosystem is absolutely connected to our financial ecosystem.

With this note and with such responsibility, I feel honoured to wish you very Happy Republic Day!

Faiz Askari

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