COVID-19News Empowers Modern Family Doctor (MFD) to Provide Telehealth Services

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Modern Family Doctor (MFD), that runs a chain of primary healthcare clinics and pharmacies, has partnered with, Asia’s leading Cloud Communication Service provider, to bring remote healthcare access to patients. While it previously allowed patients to schedule or book appointments and make payments via its telehealth app, it now also offers doctor-patient Video and Audio consultations powered by


Virtual care has become a must-have for doctors, nurses, clinicians and patients, especially in a world impacted by COVID-19 pandemic where patients visiting a doctor, becomes challenging. With carrier-grade platform and scalable APIs, MFD could easily and quickly integrate high quality and secure video and audio calls within the MFD telehealth app, allowing patients to seek medical consultation remotely. The compliant platform comes with encryptions for added layers of security.


Through the one-stop telehealth app, patients can now access more than 100 MFD medical specialists and doctors. The one-stop experience allows patients to seamlessly use the app to check doctor’s profile, book appointments, receive virtual face-to-face consultation and get doctor’s prescription all within the comfort of their homes, on any device.


Furthermore, with remote Video Consultations, MFD is able to reach beyond its current presence and address patients from different regions. The overall engagement between the doctors and patients has significantly improved with MFD  witnessing a 30% decrease in no-show and last-minute cancellations. This is simply because factors that cause no show such as traffic jams and difficulty to take time off from work did not happen with video consultations.


Commenting on the partnership, Pankaj Gupta, CEO & Founder of stated, “Telehealth has played a pivotal role in current times and is now being seen as a permanent part of the healthcare ecosystem. We take pride in working with Modern Family Doctor to ensure that no patient is denied healthcare in such challenging times. With in-person outpatient visits becoming impracticable, the use of video has proven to be a game-changer for Modern Family Doctor. With Video Consultations transforming the face of healthcare services worldwide, it is imperative for healthcare providers to embrace this change and provide a safe and seamless experience to patients in India as well.”


According to Suresh Babu, COO, Modern Family Doctor, “EnableX’s communication platform has made it simpler for the patients to connect with doctors using our app. The scalable, easy-to-use EnableX API and toolkits together with comprehensive documentation made it convenient for us to embed the video/voice channel within our app in a week’s time, without us needing to create our own infrastructure.”


“In an effort to offer users the flexibility to choose their preferred communication channel, we aim to host omnichannel communications with EnableX’s proficiency. Moreover, we also look forward to adding multi-party calls for cases that require multiple healthcare specialists or patient’s relatives from a different geography to be present during the consultation., thereby ensuring better care for the patient”, he further added.

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