Empowering SMEs and Startups: Leaf Round’s Ambitious Mission To Raise INR 500 Crore in Financing Solutions

The company's asset leasing program unlocks the value of fixed assets for businesses, including EV 2 wheelers, furniture, IT equipment, and warehousing infrastructure.

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Leaf Round, a fixed income investment marketplace, is targeting to help raise INR 500 Crore for the Indian SMEs and Start-Ups by the next financial year, on the backs of its two successful product offerings – asset leasing and invoice discounting.

In today’s cash-strapped markets, Leaf Round is at the forefront of providing financing options through fixed income investment routes  to SMEs and startups, offering faster and more efficient liquidity solutions. The company’s asset leasing program unlocks the value of fixed assets for businesses, including EV 2 wheelers, furniture, IT equipment, and warehousing infrastructure. By providing leasing options instead of outright purchases, businesses can free up capital and redirect it towards expansion, research and development, and marketing initiatives.

“With Leaf Round, we are committed to providing tailored financing solutions that address the specific liquidity needs of around 20,000 MSMEs, SMEs, and over 50,000 startups,” says Soumya Kushwaha, Co-Founder of Leaf Round. “Our platform enables businesses to tap into alternate funding sources, empowering them to thrive in today’s competitive market.”

Leaf Round’s invoice discounting services allow businesses to optimize their working capital by unlocking the value of outstanding invoices. Within the period of April to June 2023 the company by raising INR 50 Cr+ helped improve the working capital for 25+ B2B businesses via invoice discounting.

“By streamlining the financing process and offering tailored solutions, Leaf Round has empowered numerous businesses to achieve their goals and drive growth. Our success stories include high-growth ventures across diverse sectors, ranging from equipment rental and education to Agri-tech and industrial automation,” added Kushwaha.

Leaf Round has already had a substantial impact on B2B businesses, improving their working capital and enabling them to forge ahead with confidence in various sectors such as manufacturing, trading, co-working, logistics, media production, and recruitment.

To enhance accessibility and cater to the evolving needs of entrepreneurs and investors, Leaf Round has recently launched its Android-based app. This move aims to provide a convenient gateway for young entrepreneurs and investors to access the debt and fixed income investment market, strengthening Leaf Round’s presence in the market.

Himanshu, CTO, Leaf Round, further shared, “As millennials and Gen Zs account for a significant portion of India’s population at 34% and 27% respectively, their influence on the economy is undeniable. With around 77% of them actively using mobile phones for financial transactions, our fintech investment company recognises the need to cater to their preferences. Our mobile app serves as a gateway to convenience, flexibility, and instant updates on new investment options, empowering them to generate a secondary income through transparent and easy-to-understand fixed income products. We are committed to bridging the gap between this tech-savvy generation and the world of investments, enabling them to thrive in the ever-changing economic landscape.”

With a strategic growth plan in place, Leaf Round is actively expanding its network of strategic partnerships, enhancing technological capabilities to deliver a seamless user experience, and introducing new financing products tailored to SMEs and startups’ evolving needs. The company is also scaling its workforce across verticals to ensure that growth is supported by proper resources at every stage and various levels.

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