Beginning an End of the Proxy War

Trade worth Rs 3432.94 Crore between business establishments of J&K MSMEs and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) reported in last three years All this may get a halt but today's IAF's action is the start of putiing an end to the Proxy war, writes Faiz Askari while congratulating Indian Air Force

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Today is a big day for India. Big day for Indian decision making and huge success parameter for Indian Air Force. Eary morning’s Indian Air Force’s Air Surgical Strike on Jaish’s centres in Pakistan have made entire world surprised but not Indian. Whatever happened last month in Pulwana, this Air Strike is an act of retaliation.

Now, Having said this what is more positive in this whole episode is the fact that India is transforming. This is a decision making transformation and this is also a great sense of decision making which authenticates a well thought planned action not as an spontaneous reaction.

Now, coming on to the other aspects of the India Pakistan cross border tensions. Today’s action taken of IAF also communicated a very strong message of India’s will of putting an end to the Proxy war.

Yes, only action of such cadre can do that and for last several years, the proxy war between the two nations have costed humongous loss. Over last few years this proxy war have costed lives of many common innocent people as well defence personnel. Being a business focused media platform, we must also say that the entire J&K region, which can really do wonders in terms of their contribution to the economy, is gripped in this proxy war for last several years can come out of this mess only if this proxy war ends.

Apart from tourism, J&K region is potentially enriched for industry segments such as food processing, farming, handicraft and much more. But due to this ironical conditions no entrepreneur feel comfortable in the valley. I believe it is time to achieve peace, and it is time for these entrepreneurs to work freely and become the ambassadors of economic stability.

MSMEs of this J&K region want peace and a ecosystem to justify their potential of doing business.

Trade Between India-Pakistan

However, trade between the two nations have been growing and I assume that there will be a setback to the India- Pakistan trade for some time being.

According to a media report, goods worth Rs 3432.94 Crore were traded between business establishments of Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) via two LoC points of Chakan-Da-Bagh and Salamabad along the Indo-Pak border during last three years.

Earlier this month Centre withdrew the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to Pakistan and escalate the basic customs import duty to 200% with immediate effect has taken its toll on the bilateral trade through the Attari-Wagah joint check post, which has affected the traders immensely.

Amid risen tensions between India and Pakistan post Pulwama attack, Cross Line of Control trade between Indian and Pakistani authorities resumed from February 21, 2019 with goods laden trucks started to move across from zero point on LoC.

Now, on the onset of such conditions, this air strike might lead to a temporary closer of trade between the to nations but this is also the start of putting an end to this proxy war situation.

Although, war must be avoided, lives of soldiers and civilians are important everywhere, but coming out of a constantly uncertain situation is also very important Bringing back this lovely and potential rich region of the country is the most important aspect which I feel that authorities have understood.

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