Wisdom Capital Doubles Employee Salaries Amid COVID-19

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Due to sudden spike in COVID-19 cases and shut down of businesses, most firms are doling out pink slips to staff or implementing pay cuts or delaying increments and promotions to deal with the pandemic. However, companies like Wisdom Capital are an exception in providing pay bumps: food for thought for corporates.

One of the best online discount stock brokerage firm in India, Wisdom Capital, is one among those that have refrained from resorting to the ghastly pay cuts.

The fintech company has also offered an out of turn happy 20 per cent salary hike and paid twice the salary to its people that were providing essential services during this global health crisis.

While the company has been majorly operating its functions from home, quite a few of its employees showed up for work and were rewarded an additional 50 per cent salaries. Not only that, full salaries were also paid to employees who worked from home.

Wisdom Capital has been following all the social distancing measures to ensure employee safety at workplace and employee welfare. With the ease of few rules during lockdown 4.0, it sees a return of the cubicle-style office for staff above 50 years of age in its Noida office.

The company has been providing free food, lodging, health and term insurance, personal safety tools and few other services to the staff attending the office. Female employees of the staff were categorically asked to stay at home.

The firm’s initiative and growth testify stability in the financial sector and has boosted the morale of its employees. The initial results have been heartening – the team is happier and customers are receiving the best services even in these turbulent times.

“Our frontline staffs – we call them ‘WC Warriors’ for good reasons – are the backbone of Wisdom Capital, and we appreciate their heroic efforts in providing speedy and timely essential services during this significant time of need. Just like our services, we recognise that our people are essential too,” said Deb Mukherjee, Wisdom Capital CEO, an Air Force veteran who is well known for his innovative style of thinking.

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