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Online Entertainment During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Online Entertainment During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Since many people around the world are forced to stay home during the coronavirus outbreak, they have to work remotely and to keep in touch with their social contacts online. They are also engaging in many entertaining activities online to keep occupied and relaxed.

Covid-19 cause a lot of changes, and even though many of them had a negative impact, some sectors even managed to increase their profits. Besides companies that offer online shopping, social media sites, and other entertainment websites, the gaming sector seems to be blossoming as well. During the coronavirus lockdown, the number of gamers had increased. Gaming is not reserved only for the younger population, adults are also very active in this field, especially during the lockdown. Some online games, like Ludo, can be played with people around the world or with friends and acquaintances. These social games can help people stay in touch while having fun.

The number of online gamblers is also growing day by day. The legal status of gambling in India may still be a controversial topic, but none of the existing laws at the moment forbids the actual practice of gambling in India. The legal status as of 2020 is a product of hard work of advocates for legalizing gambling in India. Their main arguments are an economic improvement for the country by hiring people to work in casinos and increased government revenue through gambling taxes. The Indian Law Commission predicts that the Indian gambling market will reach approximately one billion dollars by the year 2021.

Another sector in online entertainment with a lot of success during this challenging time is streaming service, especially YouTube and Netflix. People who were too busy to watch a TV show, to enjoy an interesting documentary, reality program, etc. are now making up for what they’ve missed. Relaxing and entertaining content help people cope with stress, bond with their families, laugh and potentially learn something new and useful. COVID-19 pushed up internet use 70% and streaming more than 12%, which is quite impressive.



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