JioMart Set for 200 Locations to Democratise The Great Indian Kirana-Retail

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JioMart now offers delivery in nearly 200 locations across the country and is democratising modern retail of essentials by reaching several new towns.

JioMart is making the modern and online retail experience accessible to many more Indians and towns for their daily essentials. All this is resulting in a launchpad for kiranas post-COVID-19, sources said.

The platform offers enhanced reach in newer towns and cities with many more essentials, faster delivery and better pricing. With JioMart, some small/semi-urban towns are experiencing an exclusive “essential dedicated e-commerce” service for the first time.

There are several towns now where JioMart is the only essentials delivery platform. These include Udupi and Gokak in Karnataka, Kapurthala in Punjab, Guna and Sagar in Madhya Pradesh, Nokha and Bhiwadi in Rajasthan, Junagarh and Himatnagar in Gujarat, Palwal in Haryana among others.

It has the least delivery time with delivery ahead of schedule for several orders. JioMart promised delivery within two days and most orders delivered in less than scheduled time.

No slots are available on BigBasket and delivery time is 5-7 days on an average for most essentials on Amazon & Flipkart.

In terms of choice of essentials, most platforms are offering a select range of packaged products and have limited or no fruits and vegetables (F&V) options.

There are no F&V options on Flipkart. Amazon Pantry has limited F&V options in big towns and minimal choice (onions & potatoes) in the small towns.

Often essentials are priced very high by third-party sellers, listed on the marketplace, for delivery in small towns. Availability of listed products is much higher than on other platforms.

In terms of the overall reach, JioMart offers delivery in nearly 200 locations across the country. On the other hand, Amazon Pantry is live in several cities and towns but current availability is limited to around 100 cities currently. In some cities, third party sellers on Amazon may be offering select essentials/grocery.

Bigbasket is available in nearly 30 cities. Flipkart is offering its Flipkart Supermart service in 26 select cities through a tie-up with Vishal Mega Mart stores.

Jiomart is offering better pricing and offers a minimum of 5 per cent less than MRP on packaged products.

There is a highly competitive pricing on JioMart and the most commonly ordered essentials are priced higher on other platforms as compared to JioMart, especially in small towns.

This can be seen through Monday evening’s pricing for Mumbai where Red Label tea 1 kg packet is priced at Rs 423 in DMart, Rs 450 in Bigbasket, Rs 410 in Amazon and Rs 408 in Jiomart.

Similarly, Saffola Gold 1 litre is priced at Rs 135 in DMart, Rs 149 in Bigbasket, Rs 137 in Amazon and Rs 132 in Jiomart.

Parle G 800 gm is available for Rs 65 on DMart, Rs 70 on Bigbasket, Rs 68 on Amazon and Rs 63 on Jiomart.

Potato is available at Rs 36 from DMart, Rs 39 from Bigbasket, Rs 39 from Amazon and Rs 32 from Jiomart.

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