Flaxelle Medicare Launches 8 New Nutraceutical Products

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Flaxelle Medicare has recently launched 8 new medicines at Patel Hospital, Delhi named as Esoflax-D, Cough-Xelle, Cough-Xelle SF, Cough-Xelle DX, Cal-Xelle, Flaxevit-4G, Oro-Xelle XT & Zinka-Xelle. These medicines are a great source of all the essential nutrients which helps in Boosting Immunity & Cough Management.

Researched and Developed by highly qualified doctors & pharmacists, these medicines are not only cost effective but are safe as well. Esoflax-D treats Acidity & Heartburn, Cough-Xelle manages all types of  Cough, Cal-Xelle prevents Mineral & Vitamin deficiency resulting in providing the right amount of Calcium, Flaxivit – 4G enriched with Omega 3 Fatty Acids along with Green Tea Extracts which not only helps in enhancing immune system but also relieves post-menopausal disorders, Oro-Xelle XT treats Iron Deficiency where Zinka-Xelle is a Multivitamin and Multimineral Syrup.  

“We are delighted to introduce medicines which not only provides an individual with the right amount of nutrients that a human body requires but also eliminates the process of getting adverse effects of medicine on the human body. These medicines are formulated in such a way that it safe for Diabatic people as well.” Said Pravesh Kumar Singh, Director, Flaxelle Medicare.

The medicines are prepared under the supervision of highly qualified doctors & pharmacists with the aim of reducing malnutrition. Flaxelle Medicare emphasizes on improved health and problems caused by stress, inadequate sleep, industrial solvents, xenoestrogens and food toxins. They are rich in essential nutrients like Vitamins, Minerals, Calcium, Prebiotic, Fatty Acid and Folic Acid that prevents cell damage and helps to boost Immunity and manages all types of Cough.

“We are delighted with the launch of Nutraceutical Medicines by Flaxelle Medicare at our Patel Hospital and looking forward to recommending this to our patients. These medicines are a great source of essential nutrients that a human body requires especially in this current situation and we appreciate the efforts taken by Flaxelle Medicare.” said Dr. Shama Batra, Gynecologist Patel Hospital, Delhi.

Mr. Yasir Zaidi CEO of Flaxelle Medicare Said, “Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, we are utilizing our limited resources with a motive of benefiting people and providing essential nutrition at an affordable cost. The company is initially launching the medicines in Delhi/NCR and Uttar Pradesh and soon plans to launch it in the entire nation.”

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