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Cogniscient Business Solutions and Japan’s TDI Signs Strategic Alliance

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CBS a Software Development Company, also SAP Gold Partner enters in a strategic alliance with Japanese Company TDI. This alliance will help both the companies in entering new markets and bringing new technologies around Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Robotics in India.

This alliance is aimed towards not only entering the Japanese market but also serving a huge population of Japanese clients which are based out of India. As a part of the alliance, CBS will help TDI in rolling out ERP projects in India and Asian countries. TDI was on a lookout for a trusted SAP Partner, with whom they can cater to their home clients. With this strategic alliance, CBS will get a footing in the Japanese market. Apart from Japan both the countries are planning to expand their base in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and China. NPI Co. Ltd from Japan played a key role in finalizing various aspects of this strategic alliance.

Further both the companies are aiming at regular information sharing around market and technology. Till date, none of the SAP Gold Partners in India is providing artificial intelligence, machine learning or IoT technology. TDI will help CBS with the mentioned technologies and the implementation. This alliance will hugely benefit the small and medium enterprises of India, where robotics and SAP are not integrated; both the companies are bringing in a technology where SAP and robotics can be easily integrated, even for small and medium enterprises. This will help the Indian manufacturing sector immensely.

Also, the alliance is planning to introduce new technologies in the Indian agriculture sector, TDI is bringing IoT in Indian agriculture, with this technology the drones will be able to predict correctly, the fertility of the farmland, it will also address the weeding problem faced by the farmers and also the yield per plant. TDI develops sensors, these sensors will be placed in the glasshouses, from where real-time information around temperature, water capacity, quality of soil will be generated. In case of a problem, the sensor will indicate the controlling centre, helping to take immediate action, saving the crops. These technologies will prove helpful to the farmers and also to the corporates who held vast farmlands.

TDI expertise are in software development, IT infrastructure, data center services, embedded development, solution services etc. TDI through embedded development provides support in factory automation, automotive devices, communications infrastructure etc. They help in plan formulation, hardware, software development all the way to mass production.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rajeev Agarwal Managing Director and CEO of CBS says, “This alliance will further help in the company’s growth but more than that we are happy with the integration of SAP and robotics, Indian manufacturing sector will get the much-needed push. The automation will not only save time, cut cost but will also secure the manpower. With the exchange of information and, development of a research centre, we are hoping to work on many new technologies which will act as path breaker in the time to come.”

During the time of signing CBS was represented by Mr. Rajeev Agarwal, Managing Director and CEO and Mr. Ichiro Miyoshi, President of TDI, Japan.

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