Coal Production Records 6.13% Increase to 79.60 Million Ton in January

Captive Coal Blocks Register 45 per cent Increase in Production. Coal Based Power Generation Increases by 9.2 Per Cent in January.

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India’s coal production increased by 6.13 % to 79.60 Million Ton from 75 MT during Jan 2022 as compared to the same month 2020. As per the provisional data of the Ministry of Coal, out of the total production during January this year, Coal India Ltd (CIL) achieved a growth of 2.35% by producing 64.50 MT of Coal. Singareni Collieries Ltd (SCCL) registered a growth of 5.42% by producing 6.03 MT and captive blocks achieved a growth of 44.91% by producing 9.07 MT of coal during the period.

Coal despatch increased by 10.80 % to 75.55 MT from 68.19 MT during Jan 2022. Out of the total production during Jan 2022, Coal India Ltd (CIL) achieved a growth of 7.71% by despatching 60.85 MT of Coal, Singareni Collieries Ltd (SCCL) achieved a growth of 6.45% by despatching 5.99 MT and captive blocks registered a growth of 43.55% with 8.71 MT of coal despatch during the period.

Of the top 35 mines producing coal, 14 mines performed more than 100 per cent and another six mines’ production stood between 80 and 100 per cent.

At the same time, power utilities despatch has grown by 18.70 % to 63.22 MT of coal in the month of Jan 2022 as compared to 53.26 MT in Jan 2020.

Coal based power generation has registered a growth of 9.21 % in the month of Jan, 2022 in comparison to Jan 2020. The overall power generation in Jan 2022 has been 6.69% higher than in Jan 2020. Further, coal based power generation in the month of Jan 2022 has been 88642 MU in comparison to 85579 MU in Dec 2021 and registered a growth of 3.58 %. Total power generation has also increased in Jan 2022 to 115757 MU from 113094 MU in Dec 2021.

Coal production of FY 22 has been compared with FY 20 as FY 21 has been considered as abnormal year due to Covid-19 pandemic.

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