Bostik Presents Newest Breakthrough in Engineering Adhesive Solutions in Asia

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Leading global multi-market adhesive specialist Bostik ( introduces its latest innovation in engineering adhesives as part of the company’s goal to create smart solutions for Industry 4.0 in Asia.

Designed to address modern industry demands and replace traditional gaskets, the new AU588 gasket solution was developed to accommodate the automation of manufacturing processes. The product serves as the most recent breakthrough in Bostik’s long line of high durability Cure-In-Place Gasket (CIPG) products under the Bostik Born2Bond™ CIPG portfolio. The special line focuses on  ‘by-the-dot’ bonding and gasketing applications required in the development of new-day consumer electronics and automotive.

“Bostik’s rich history of innovation spans more than 130 years and two industrial revolutions,” says Steve Edwards, Regional Engineer and Adhesives Business Director at Bostik APAC. “Having played key roles in the second and third movements in which machines changed our way of life, Bostik once again stands at the forefront of another industrial revolution in Industry 4.0, offering groundbreaking products such as the new AU588 solution.”

UV Reactive Feature

As a CIPG product, the AU588 is UV reactive and features high seal performance and excellent elasticity. The latest product also displays long durability in high-temperature environments and excellent hydrolysis resistance, along with having the unique balance of high elongation and high tensile strength, ensuring that it will not crack even when exposed to high compression ratio.

Moreover, chemical resistance evaluated by weight change rate after one-day immersion shows that the AU588 has a well-balanced chemical resistance profile with no major drawback compared to similar solutions in the industry. This opens the door to the application to industrial electronics and factory automation-related parts, including advanced driver-assistance systems, or ADAS, and engine control unit, or ECU. The AU588 exhibits excellent thixotropic behavior as well, allowing for precise dispensing and a good aspect ratio of the bead.

Bostik’s Born2Bond

Bostik had launched the Bostik Born2Bond™ product portfolio to its engineering industry globally in November 2019, following the acquisitions of Nitta and Afinitica. The line marked Bostik’s entry into the fast-growing engineering adhesives market, focusing strongly on creating innovations.

Among the key points in product development under the Bostik Born2Bond™ line was the acceleration of curing processes, as well as waste reduction and the application of adhesives to electronic devices that grow smaller and more complex. This includes earplugs, headphones, monitors, and even electronic equipment in electric bikes and new energy automobiles.

According to the Global Fortune 500 2020, electronics “Made in Asia” continue to dominate the worldwide market in terms of the highest annual global revenues in 2019. Of the top 10 electronics companies in the world, only one registers as non-Asian.

Bostik features a value proposition that fits the industrial tendency: high efficiency, automated process, odd-shape design, smaller size, light-in-weight, less waste, and water/dust proofing. Bostik products offer excellent elasticity and proper dispensability, along with exceptional product quality, durability, and strength. These elements put the company’s offerings above the competition in this day and age of environment-conscious industry players.

“Bostik will continue to develop and deliver solutions to help technologies support everyone’s adjusted way of life of remote work and education under the new normal,” Edwards says. “With complete production facilities in Asia, Bostik is confident that it will effectively meet the booming market demand in the entire region with efficient solutions.”

The new AU588 solution is part of the first wave of instant engineering gasket developments under the Bostik Born2Bond™ brand, which also reflects the company’s purpose and its collaborative bond with its customers.

Available in a range of advanced formulations, Bostik Born2Bond™ Instant Adhesives overcome many of the performance and application limitations of existing solutions. The products facilitate faster, smarter production processes while prioritizing user safety and sustainability. For more information, visit

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