Borouge Showcases Flexible Packaging Solution - ANTEO at PLASTINDIA 2018,

Borouge’s portfolio of creative plastics solutions, including the breakthrough flexible packaging polymer Anteo™, were showcased at Plastindia 2018 from 7 to 12 February in Gandhinagar, India.

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Wim Roels, Plastindia

Borouge’s portfolio of creative plastics solutions, including the breakthrough flexible packaging polymer Anteo™, were showcased at Plastindia 2018 from 7 to 12 February in Gandhinagar, India.

Borouge showcased a range of differentiated solutions at Plastindia, including a collection of greenhouse and irrigation materials for the agriculture market, polyethylene and polypropylene pipe system materials for the infrastructure and construction industries, power cable solutions for India’s growing energy grids, in addition to a range of advanced packaging solutions that will deliver fresh, healthy food across the country and beyond.

Inspiring Tomorrow

At this edition of Plastindia, Borouge shared its new brand platform, ‘INSPIRING TOMORROW’, highlighting what this offers the Indian market.

“At Borouge, we recognise that plastics help to solve global challenges and are an essential part of everyday life. This motivates us to develop and provide solutions that create value for our customers and communities around the world,” shared Wim Roels, CEO of Borouge Pte Ltd.

“We work closely with our customers and their partners to deeply understand the range of challenges which our solutions can address. So when we come to India, we are here to share our latest solutions, and we’re also here to listen to, and be inspired by the market, so we can apply this knowledge to tomorrow’s innovation.”


Borouge showcased Anteo™, a new family of linear low-density polyethene (LLDPE) packaging grades for the global packaging market. Anteo™ boasts a unique combination of end-use properties for high-performance, combined with strong optics for enhanced shelf appeal. This solution delivers easy processability at lower extruder pressure, better sealing speed and integrity, and improved puncture resistance. 

"We have recently introduced Anteo to customers in New Delhi through a packaging workshop, and the response has been exceptional. We’re excited to be back to highlight not only the technical benefits of Anteo, but also how it creates value for our customers," states Michael Pell, Borouge’s Senior Vice President of Marketing. "In essence, the Anteo advantage means even more than improved sealing speed, efficient processing, and enhanced aesthetics: it also means more reliability, quality and value. Anteo is a major extension of our flexible packaging offering for consumer and industrial applications. We will continue to create opportunities to bring innovations that add value to our customers’ businesses’."


India is on a trajectory to be a preferred manufacturing hub for the global market. The country’s plastics sector is also growing rapidly with its increase in the domestic consumption of plastic, which is expected to reach 20 million metric tonnes by 2020 according to industry reports.

“The India plastics market is important to Borouge. We have been serving this market for close to two decades, and have developed incredible relationships with our customers here. Our presence at Plastindia gives us an opportunity to showcase our latest solutions, but most importantly, to reconnect with our customers and make sure we’re moving in pace with their evolving needs,” said Tarmo Raudsepp, Borouge’s Senior Vice President of Asia South. “Borouge provides differentiated solutions that unlock value and create positive impact especially for a fast growing market like India.”

“We believe India has the right ingredients for success: a culture of creativity, an ambitious strategy for growth, including Make In India, and the will of industry and the people to drive India’s progress. For its efforts, India is making a mark on the world stage. We’re excited about the new opportunities in India, and are proud of the role we’re playing here.”

ANTEO Borouge Flexible Packaging Solution PLASTINDIA 2018