Appinventiv Launches ‘Entrepreneurs at Appinventiv’ to Encourage Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Its Employees

Recognizing its contribution to the application ecosystem, the company was conferred with the ‘Best App development Company of the year 2020 in the India Enabler Digital Awards 2020.

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Appinventiv, a Google Certified Digital Transformation Agency located in India with global operations, has announced a new campaign for the people of Appinventiv to accelerate creativity and aid them in launching their own businesses that can develop groundbreaking, dynamic, and exceptional products. Appinventiv, which is motivated by the enthusiasm for innovation and dedication to making a difference in the community, created the campaign to foster and instil entrepreneurial thinking in its people.

The leaders of Appinventiv knew that the best way to create value in the 21st century is to connect creativity with technology, so they built a company where leaps of the imagination were combined with remarkable feats of Engineering. The company's success is a testament to its distinctive qualities, which include mastery of digital technologies, integration of innovation in the organization's fabric, maintaining an agile and receptive mindset, and emphasizing employee growth and progress.

Recognizing its contribution to the application ecosystem, the company was conferred with the ‘Best App development Company of the year 2020 in the India Enabler Digital Awards 2020. 

Building on the legacy to push the frontiers of technology, Appinventiv has initiated a campaign for all the Appinventors, in which each Appinventor has the opportunity to become an entrepreneur and establish a million-dollar company.

Throughout their startup journey, Appinventiv will handhold its people from taking their first step till they achieve their ultimate goal of becoming an entrepreneur. Employees will begin their entrepreneurial journey by developing a successful pitch with a detailed business plan and presenting Proof of Concept to the management, who will assess whether their theories have real-world application potential. When their ideas are selected, they will get seed money to help them launch the product and get their business off the ground.

In addition to providing continuous technical assistance, Appinventiv will also assist the new business with marketing and branding. To aid them further in their entrepreneurial endeavour and fuel their expansion avenues, Appinventiv will introduce its people to the Venture Capitalists which will help to give significant direction to these start-ups.

Speaking on the campaign, Saurabh Singh, Director of Appinventiv says,” As the saying goes, the best way to predict the future is to build it. In our effort to promote innovation and accelerate digital transformation, we encourage our people to explore their passions by developing new ideas and providing resources to see them through. Each newly created firm is another step forward on the path to innovation, which eventually benefits society as a whole. I believe that this is one of the ways that will not only aid in the creation of ingenious ideas and products but will also have a big influence on India's entrepreneurial and economic future.”

With the firm belief that the ultimate driver of a company’s success is its people, Appinventiv focuses on reskilling and upskilling its people and cultivating a culture of constant learning. During the unprecedented times of Covid, when companies were either laying off their staff or introducing pay cuts, Appinventiv employed more than 160 people within a period of one year and gave them three increments in only 15 months.

In addition to strengthening its industrial grip in empowering, reshaping, and changing enterprises in India. Appinventiv has effectively accelerated and altered the businesses of over 1000 organizations worldwide, including Fortune 500 corporations and Silicon Valley start-ups. So far it has aided 74% of its partners from the startup division to raise multi-million dollars funding to go big.

By the virtue of offering a wide array of services, Appinventiv boasts of an impressive line of clients which include Uttar Pradesh Government, Govt of India, Qatar Government, and global brands like Oracle, NASA, KPMG, IKEA, Vodafone, Dominos, ABP Live, Asian Bank, and Pizza Hut.

Barely into six years of its existence, the company has grown from a small status to a global entity employing more than 700 experts from different domains. It is because of its spirit of reinventing and powering digital-first benefits to companies’ growth, Appinventiv has been blazing the trail and continues to scale even greater heights in the realm of product development.