The Big Buzz of Mobility

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Jun 19, 2014 08:25 IST
The Big Buzz of Mobility
In today's dynamic business environment, mobility is the new norm. Most businesses and professional undertakings, however, are still tethered to their inflexible desktop environment. This makes them look bad in the eyes of their client.
With smartphones outselling desktops and tablets, app developers are targeting the growing-by-the-minute pool of smartphone owners who are on the lookout for business mobility solutions. The launch of the SR Mobile App, which is the Android version of Knowlarity's SuperReceptionist platform, is a step forward in this direction; it is a simple, light-weight app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and used as a mobile platform for driving quality customer-centric communications.

According to IDC's marketing analysts, India is an Android country with Google’s mobile operating system holding a 91% share here, giving it an overwhelming presence in the country.Smartphones have proliferated on the back of the Android platform. IDC says: "Android powers phones costing Rs 3000 to Rs 45, 000 and that helps it attract a lot of customers". 

The SR Mobile App, Version 1.0, launched on the +1st of May 2014, comes packed in a small 104 KB file and is compatible with Android 4.0 smartphones. The app works like a high-performance Mobile OPS Communication Center, allowing users to take full control of their business communications even on the move.

The SR Mobile App has received positive reviews so far. Prachee, CEO, MPTA Education, found the application very easy to install and use. She is pleased with the functionality provided by the app and finds it useful.  

Ifty, which is a local advertising service company, found the app useful in their line of business. They recommended an outward dialing facility: "There should be an outbound calling facility, keypad option so that the agents can make calls from the panel." 

These features as we well as other are in the Knowlarity pipeline. For now, the company would like to report that business productivity is thriving in the smartphone world. 

SMBs are going mobile 

The app's beta users -- small business owners, healthcare professionals, financial consultants, asset advisers  real estate agents – have responded enthusiastically, which is just the sentiment Knowlarity Communications has been hoping to evoke. Small business owners, who have historically been averse to technology, are now taking to mobile technologies because of the ease and value it brings to their businesses.

Research conducted by the SMB Group shows that small business owners have been adopting mobile technologies at a fast and furious rate. 67% of SMBs view mobile technology as necessary and critical to their business. 83% have already deployed mobile solutions to improve their business productivity. 49% have already rolled out a mobile-friendly website to improve customer experience. This proves that businesses are looking for easy to deploy, cost-effective mobile solutions to reduce operational headaches and build seamless business systems.

The above article is written by Jyotsna Pattabiraman, Senior VP, Product Marketing of Knowarlity

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