Everything You Need to Know About Cashless Garages

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A cashless garage, as the name suggests, is a garage where you can get your car repaired and not pay the entire bill amount. The bill will be paid by the insurance provider to the garage. This is a beneficial facility available to the modern day vehicle owners who buy two wheeler insurance plans from reputed insurance companies. Take a look at this article to know all about the cashless garages and how they help you.

Understanding the concept

So what exactly is a cashless garage? Every insurance provider ties up with a certain number of garages and service centres. They become a part of their network. A deal is worked out between the insurance provider and the garage to offer cashless services to the policyholder. Upon completion of the job, the insurer pays the garage. In exchange for this, the policyholder needs to get bike insurance online or offline from a good insurer, pay the premium on time and keep the policy active.

It is important to note that you need to have a comprehensive bike insurance plan to be available to enjoy the benefits of a cashless garage. This facility is not available on a third party bike insurance policy.

Benefits of cashless garages

Listed below are some very handy benefits that you get when you take your bike to a network garage. Check them out:

  • Mental peace: The biggest benefit of a two-wheeler insurance cashless garage is the peace of mind that you get. The bike breaking down or getting in a mishap is stressful enough. You don’t need to add extra stress to the situation by having to worry about a good garage to take the bike too. Just go online and browse over the list of network garages. You may find a network garage in your vicinity. You can then just take your vehicle and peacefully get it repaired. You also don’t have to worry about making payments as that part is taken care of by your insurance provider.
  • Reliable service: Another huge benefit of the cashless garage system is the quality of service. Since the network garages are associated with your insurance provider, they are guaranteed to provide a good-quality service. So you don’t have to worry about substandard work being carried out. Your insurance provider will give you a list of the network garages when you buy bike insurance online.
  • Fair pricing: Next, you don’t have to haggle about the prices with the garage owner. The prices are fair and mostly fixed. Moreover, since the insurer takes care of the majority of the bill, you don’t have to worry about a high or low bill amount. Just pay the small deductible and you can get your car repaired in the most convenient and efficient manner.
  • Smooth experience: You are ensured of having a smooth experience if you have a good two wheeler insurance plan from a reputed insurance provider. If you have a roadside assistance rider, all you have to do is call your insurance provider when there is a breakdown or an accident. The insurer will send a towing vehicle and take your bike to a network garage. You don’t have to worry about anything. The experience thus becomes very smooth and hassle-free.

Third party bike insurance is popular, but there are many reasons why people opt for a more well-rounded comprehensive plan. The benefits of the cashless garages are one such reason.

The bottom line

Indeed, the cashless garage facility is a big advantage that you get with the modern-day bike insurance plans. Get a good plan from a good insurer and enjoy this benefit, along with the many other benefits they offer. Pay your premiums and renew your plan on time to have an uninterrupted bike insurance cover. Then ride your vehicle with all the mental peace that you need and stay safe and protected too.

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