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Aadhaar Privacy: TRAI Chief’s Daughter Receives Threatening E-Mail

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A day after hackers transferred Re 1 to TRAI Chief RS Sharma’s bank account via the Aadhaar-enabled payment service apps like BHIM and Paytm, his daughter Kavita Sharma has received a threatening mail in which the sender has warned her of “regretful consequences if she didn’t respond”.

According to some media reports, the sender has threatened her that TRAI chief’s bank account details had been allegedly hacked and if a ransom were not paid, then all the personal information of Sharma would be made public.

“By posting a challenge on social media, RS Sharma has turned out to be an embarrassment to the nation and put a bounty on his accounts for hackers,” the e-mail reads. The mail sender has also threatened Sharma’s daughter of hacking his mobile and leaking all the sensitive information.

The latest incident comes days after TRAI chief tweeted out his UIDAI number throwing out a breach challenge. The hackers namely, Elliot Alderson, Pushpendra Singh, Kanishk Sajnani, Anivar Arvind and Karan Saini, posted nearly 14 personal details of Sharma on Twitter which were reportedly fetched out using his Aadhaar number 7621 7768 2740.

However, on Sunday, the UIDAI dismissed that the personal details of TRAI chief have been leaked. It said that the information uploaded on Twitter are not from the Aadhaar database or its servers, and that “so called hacked information” is easily available with a simple search on Google and other sites.

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