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Socially & Environmentally Stimulated Entrepreneur- Kingshuk Sircar of SAN-ECO Vision

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When we talk about economic transformation, the contribution of entrepreneurship comes to our mind. But, ironically, in common discussions on or around entrepreneurship, we refer entrepreneurship to a somehow different concept. Yes, Entrepreneurs should be job creators but most importantly a good entrepreneur is the one who is a product creator and a level above in this category is the one who is an innovator. 

Meet Kingshuk Sircar, who is an innovator from the mind and socially stimulated individual by soul and a successful entrepreneur in the making. Well, his entrepreneurship journey started with his love of nature and his willingness to giving back to society. And with such love, he chose Bamboo as the subject to pursue entrepreneurship.  

Kingshuk came from a New Delhi based service class family and he himself has given more than 20 years into corporate. While spending time in corporate jobs he travelled various parts of the world and ultimately his voyage to North-Eastern part of India has actually changed his entire outlook. 

During his trip to the rural parts of North East India such as Assam, Tripura, Manipur and parts of West Bengal trip, he pointed out some robust capabilities of Bamboo. These capabilities of Bamboo were actually never been explored. With such capabilities of Bamboo, Kingshuk’s innovator mind got some stimulation as he conceptualised some unique usage of Bamboo.

We all know bamboo in the form of lawn furniture, some craft items that can be kept in one corner of drawing-rooms. But what he conceptualized is bamboo based bathroom fittings and few other interesting household items. But more importantly, Kingshuk’s unique entrepreneurial vision for bamboo products also involve a substantial chunk of the rural population of the North East region which is surrounded with the finest quality Indian Bamboo. “Well, when I saw an amazing, potential rich but extremely unorganized ecosystem of bamboo, I conceived this idea of creating a brand of sanitary bathroom fittings made of bamboo and several other bamboo products. In my business idea, the central attraction will go to be those workers who are the most important part of this ecosystem. These are labours, farmers and other commoners who force to relocate to cities and industrial towns for work-related purposes leaving theirs behind their amazing native ecosystem. My business plan will ensure a quality livelihood of such people in their native region, at the same urban bathrooms gets eco-friendly, long-lasting bamboo-based products,” informs Kingshuk Sircar Director of SAN-ECO Vision in a candid interaction with Faiz Askari of SMEStreet.    

After conceptualizing a business idea around bamboo’s ecosystem, he incepted SAN-ECO Vision Pvt. Ltd.

Social Element of SAN-ECO Vision

While talking about the vision and mission behind this initiative, he said, “We have visualised to introduce and educate the modern community to adopt and use products made with bamboo and other agro products. Which can contribute their bit in controlling carbon footprint. However, blending modern technology with traditional handicraft skills, to produce high-value utility bamboo products, is also our vision statement around which our activity will revolve.”

While with such vision statement, Kingshuk’s SAN-ECO is working on a mandate of coming up with innovations for sustainable and ecofriendly products, replacing metal and plastic with bamboo and other natural materials. “All of our efforts are aimed at developing the economic and social status of people by creating job opportunities at the rural level. Also, create social consciousness related to healthcare and education,” commented Kingshuk. 

Apart from sanitary products, SAN ECO Vision is working on bamboo-based electrical fittings as well. 

However, explaining why he got inclined towards this project leaving a settled corporate job, Kingshuk said, “We as a nation must aim for inclusive social development and as India is one of the bright spots in the global economic landscape. Through my innovation and creativity, I am keen to bring positive change at one corner of society through my work.” 

On highlighting the significance of Bamboo for today’s requirement of a clean environment, he said, “Bamboo is the only versatile group of plants which is capable of providing ecological, economic and livelihood security. Bamboo is the best among hardwood category. It is very strong and durable, with tensile strength up to 40kN/cm2, which makes it a very good source of raw material for industrial and domestic use. To address forward, integration with innovation, technological intervention coupled with rich professional experiences, SAN ECO Vision Pvt Ltd has developed various essential and commercially viable products, which are first of its kind in the world.”

Milestones So Far…

So far, some milestones that his vision has achieved include that this project got it’s first handholding support from NECTAR, Dept. of Science & Tech. , Govt. of India U/s BAANS. In addition to this, SAN-ECO Vision is presently engaged in developing the prototype at KONBAC, Kudal, Maharashtra, under the expert guidance of Sri. Sanjeev Kapre.

And as a recent development, SAN ECO Vision Pvt Ltd also got the first incubation support from Atal Incubation Centre(AIC) at Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini Foundation, Maharashtra. The project has been acknowledged and selected for further development under Atal Innovation Mission(AIM), Niti Aayog, Govt. of India. 

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