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Global Philanthropist Identifies The Pains of Indian Weavers

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COVID Pandemic world over has created a great amount of financial turbulence. This is a testing time for all of us. Philanthropists from across the globe are the much-needed lot in today’s time and some philanthropists have been sensitively thinking towards making a significant contribution in bringing the economic cycle back on track. Among those global philanthropists, Dr. Hari Eppanapally’s name is at the forefront in this regard. Dr Eppanapally is from New Jersey, United States and he is originally from Choppadandi, Karimnagar – Telangana State.   With the vision to identify the financial sufferings of the economically challenged Weavers across India, even after having seasoned expertise of craftsmanship, Dr. Eppanapally has decided to make a significant positive change in their lives. Lead India Movement has announced an initiative to make some meaningful contribution to the lives of Indian Weavers who are currently in tough condition due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Having worked closely with former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on the Lead India Movement since 2008 Dr Eppanapally is the founding Chairman of the Lead India Foundation (USA). Lead India conducts value-based leadership training programs to Transform Youth into Responsible Citizens and engage them in Developing the Nation. 

This tough time of COVID-19 Pandemic the Lead India Movement have selected a community segment of Weavers across India and identified their challenges as well as potential solutions for bringing back their normal economic cycle. 

“Today, the Weavers in India are not able to earn their daily wages due to the Coronavirus’s impact. They are not able to sell their existing stock and aren’t receiving new orders to support themselves. Weavers are the next major professional group after Farmers in India,” says Dr Hari Eppanapally. 

In this regard, Lead India LIBERTY Foundation is hosting a Live Zoom Webinar on The Impact of COVID19 on Indian Weavers on Saturday June 20, 2020 @ IST 7:00pm to 9:00PM [USA 9:30am EST] to address the weavers’ problems nationwide. The expert panelists will present the problems and possible solutions so that the Governments, Civil Societies and NGOs can collectively address them. The key focus will be to increase awareness of the weaver’s problems and request the Govt of India to allocate funds from the COVID19 Stimulus package to Save the Weavers. 

Apart from the Zoom session towards awareness building, Dr Eppanapally is also looking forward to generating resources for easing out the burden of COVID-19 related Lockdown and economic turbulence. 

Settled in the United States since the last 30 years, as a financial service professional, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist Dr Eppanapally has a passion for healthcare, education and the environment. His lifelong mission has been to transform youth into responsible citizens and establish a peaceful society for harmonious living.

Having involved in directing and managing major high visible global initiatives in the financial and social services sectors Dr. Hari Eppamapaly has invested in several disruptive technology companies. 

Dr. Eppanapally has been a strong advocate for Indian Americans to run for elected offices and campaigned for active role in American politics. He was considered by GOP to run for US Congress from New Jersey in 2014.

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