Yahoo's Makeover as Altaba: Post Verizon Acquisition

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Marissa Mayer, Yahoo

Yahoo has now been renamed as ‘Altaba’ and the company CEO Marissa Mayer will be stepping down from the board of directors after the Verizon closes.

The recent filing by Yahoo adds to the series of dramatic events which the company has been witnessing recently. But is everything true about the speculations surrounding the deal? From the surface, it might look like a big change but in reality, it is all the same. Altaba will actually get within itself everything that led to the downfall of Yahoo, including the search engine Bing. As a matter of fact, even Mayer might hang on for a while.

All these changes started when Verizon announced that it will acquire Yahoo! Inc’s operating business for approximately $4.83 billion. But the truth is, Verizon will not get every part of Yahoo and the stakes in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan will still be left out. So essentially the company has been split into two, where one part goes to the stakes in Alibaba and the likes, while Verizon will get the website lineup of Yahoo. And it is highly unlikely that those sites will close anytime soon. So basically Altaba is only the remaining holding part of the company. So is Altaba, an alternate Alibaba? Meanwhile, Mayer might also stay in the company, unless Verizon decides to remove her. Mayer on her part has expressed her desire to stay.

Mayer stepping down is a step only for the holding company which is everything right now but Yahoo as it comprises only of certain stocks and useless patents. Mayer, a product-oriented person does not require to stay in that position for this part of the company anyway. Yahoo on its part did the best by showcasing the Alibaba holding as a separate identity and instead of selling only ‘Yahoo’. But it did not turn out good for the company as the tax situation was favourable for Altaba.

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