Whide: First Ride and Delivery App Runs on Trust Launches in India

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WHIDE – a new technology-based ‘Ride and Delivery’ app has announced its launch to offer a smart solution to book favourite drivers, drivers people trust overtime for their daily travel and delivery needs at the best, honest and No Commission fares.The app built on a unique NO COMMISSION revenue model and started their services on  8th July’21.

Presently, the online aggregators – mainly in the taxi/cab industry have acquired a customer base and employed vendors on a commission-based business model. However, the model receives a backlash from drivers who want to have a sense of ownership and flexibility in taking multiple-use bookings. Therefore, WHIDE has come up with its flagship app that runs on trust and is built on the vision – ‘Creation belongs equally to everyone’. It benefits customers in managing their daily travel hassles and drivers in facilitating trusting business options at the NO COMMISSION MODEL.

Delighted with the launch, Rachitta Juneja, Founder, Whide said, “WHIDE believes in sharing technology and empowering businesses like tour and travel operators, restaurants, shops etc  and individuals like drivers and riders to set their prices and offering and be direct with the customers.” 

“At WHIDE, we bring a platform that changes the outlook of people towards life and the way they take care of their daily tasks. We look forward to managing the customers’ daily travel, delivery and related hassles seamlessly,” she added.

From benefiting the drivers’ perspective, WHIDE covers three different arenas – Vehicle, Driver and Vehicle + Driver. This opens Six distinct sources of income for drivers which eventually increases their revenue generation. It allows drivers to earn by delivering food, grocery, medicines and personal parcels, do offline shopping, hire driver & Self-Drive for their fixed customers. The driver gets paid in full for all its services as the company does not charge commission on every order. This creates a reliable source of income for them.

WHIDE offers an extensive range of services – ride out of town, rent a cab, hire a driver or require a self-drive car for a short period of time, pick anything up from an unlisted store or deliver anything from anywhere, with a trusted driver. Currently, the app is targeting to sign 1000 drivers in DELHI NCR before its launch. The app also allows the customers to add the services of trusted drivers to the list to book them for their regular rides. 

WHIDE offers a wide range of cab rides including city rides for the daily commute, rental or outstation trips with a trusted driver, female trust rating, no surge pricing and transparent fare.For outstation trips, the app provides trusted drivers to its customers at a relatively lesser price than the rest in the market. It accurately calculates the fare as per the exact distance travelled based on the real-time GPS monitoring device installed in all WHIDE cabs.

Furthermore, WHIDE’s app boasts offline shopping for customers who do not get time to step out and shop for their groceries or medical essentials. The app allows its customers to shop from their favourite store by sending a trusted dispatcher on their behalf. The customers need to enter the name of the specific store and list of items they want to purchase, the app will get it delivered at the customer’s doorstep through a trusted dispatcher on the same day.

Being a people-centric company, WHIDE emphasizes managing the customers’ daily tasks with ease. Customers looking to send important and valuable parcels – documents, gadgets or jewellery to anyone and anywhere can use the app and book a trusted dispatcher. The app ensures timely and safe delivery of the customer’s parcel taken care of with due diligence.

WHIDE app is completely based on TRUST and hence, allows the customers to make their own list of Favourite drivers that they would like to hire for driving their own vehicle. Drivers added to the customers’ list of trusted drivers can be hired as private drivers to ride the customers’ cars.

Presently, the app is available in Delhi NCR and is planning to expand its reach to 5 more cities in the coming 12 months.

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