Union Budget 2021: The Great Expectations from MSMEs

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Union Budget is such a policy document which gives a proper structure and shape for an entire financial and economic set of activities around each one of us. This is an occasion for which everyone awaits because of the great expectations. This year, because of the COVID roadblocks MSMEs holds these great expectations level are all the higher. from Finance Minister Nirmala Sithraman.

We at SMEStreet would like to focus on the MSME sector and try to understand their set of Union Budget expectations. Here are the list of expectations that they have: 

  • More Support for MSME Manufacturing Sector

  • Credit Push towards MSMEs

  • Banks’ & NBFCs Empowerment towards MSME Lending

  • Infrastructure Development Push

  • A Fresh Push Towards MSMEs In The Govt Procurement Policy (The New Procurement Policy)

  • Startup Funding

  • MSME Expansion Funding Facilitation b the Government

  • Credit Guarenttee for MSMEs

These are the pointers that came to us as a conclusion after speaking and hearing to over MSMEs across India representing various sectors.

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