Triton EV Unleashed Corporate Commitment Towards Women Empowerment with 30%Reservation for Women Workforce

Triton EV appointed two directors, Ms Dakkshata Mandhani & CA Ms Vandana Singh to drive India operations. In addition tot his announcement, the company also affirmed strong participation of women workforce in Triton EV India operations.

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Dakkshata Mandhani, Vandana, Triton EV

India’s top EV manufacturing company Triton EV has unleashed its vision towards women empowerment by appointing Ms Dakkshata Mandhani and CA Ms Vandana Singh into its board of directors. 

On this top management expansion, the company also announced its vision and commitment towards enhancing the participation of women in corporate activities.

HIMANSHU B PATEL, TRITON EV, “As an organization, we respect the role of women in shaping up the economy. On the line of responsible commitment towards women empowerment, we are proud to announce the 30% reservation of the Women workforce in Triton EV. This participation of women in Triton EV will be across the board,” commented Mr. Himanshu B Patel, Founder and Managing Director of Triton EV. 

With this, Mr Patel welcomed the two women leaders on the board of Triton EV. 

Dakkshata Mandhani, Triton EV, Dakkshata Mandhani, Director of Triton EV India

Ms Dakkshata Mandhani is an MBA with a vision and inclination towards a sustainable future. A car enthusiast raised in a business family and has developed an entrepreneurial focus within her, sparking her passion for business at a young age. A force to be reckoned with and a model for women in entrepreneurship everywhere. Dakkshata has worked in the EV industry and she understands the nuances and trends of this space. Sharing her priorities on joining Triton EV, she said, “I am excited to be part of this great potential rich organization. I certainly look forward to make meaningful contributions towards building India’s finest EV Manufacturing organisation.I am sure that through Triton EV, we can work towards meeting the clean energy needs of today’s generation without hurting the environment for the future generation.”

CA Vandana Singh, Triton EV CA Vandana Singh, Director -Finance, Triton EV India

In addition, Ms Vandana Singh, who is a Chartered Accountant by profession, has joined Triton EV as the director of finance. “Apart from being thankful for my appointment, I would like to mention that Triton EV is soon going to set a greater benchmark of success in the EV manufacturing industry.” 

Mohammad Mansoor, Head of South-East Asia Development, Triton EV also commented, “The commitment of having 30% of the total workforce as women shows great sensitivity towards ensuring socio-economic balance as a corporate policy. By committing this target, we also aim to contribute towards United Nation’s SDGs which talks about women empowerment.”

Recently, Triton EV announced to open it’s state of the art EV manufacturing facility in Telangana State. Triton EV and Telegana State Government has signed an MoU to develop Triton EV’s Manufacturing facility in the state and create jobs. 

The upcoming Manufacturing facility of Triton EV will be built over a million Square feet area a total of USD 1.5 Billion will be invested over next 5 years. Telangana’s Zahirabad area will be the location for Triton’s Manufacturing unit. 

The facility will produce Triton EVs not only for the Indian domestic market but also for entire regions such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the entire Middle East region as well. 

Signing of the MoUs between Telangana State and Triton EV, though the Video Conferencing Meeting Mr KT Rama Rao, Minister of Municipal Administration & Urban Development, Industries, and IT & Commerce, Government of Telangana joined the Video conferencing meeting and expressed his commitment and positive hopes from this mega announcement for the EV Industry. 

Earlier the New Jersey Headquartered, Triton EV's commitment towards India can be visualized with the recent MoU news sign off with BEL. The two organizations will work on Energy Storage Systems & Electric Vehicles development.

Triton EV is involved in the Energy Storage System business ranging from transportable small battery packs to a 10 MWh battery storage unit for customers in the USA and abroad for applications like energy generation, load management, EV charging stations etc. Triton is also involved in the manufacturing of Electric Vehicles using battery technologies developed by them.

Triton EV CA Vandana Singh Dakkshata Mandhani