Top Indian Startups Who Gained Traction During COVID 19

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Work from home (WFH) brings many benefits to organizations, but it creates risks by virtually inviting cyberattacks along multiple vectors. This is NOT a call to stop WFH. It is a caution to shore up specific defenses.

WFH has enabled many organizations to continue operating during the pandemic. For many occupations and workgroups, it is the optimal way to work for both individual quality of life and the business bottom line.

Increased cyber risk is one of WFH’s downsides. For many of us, the transition to WFH and remote working literally happened overnight. Businesses had to cut corners to make remote working, well, work.

The following kinds of security deficiencies remain to be addressed:

  • Ill-equipped or personally owned devices used for WFH lack solid security controls.
  • Devices may be shared among family members, including schoolchildren.
  • Heightened vulnerability to social engineering attacks, such as phishing, due to employees’ distraction or changing routines and processes.
  • Access control changes, including reduced network perimeter protections.
  • Increased privileged access grants to users or administrators and new forms of privileged access.


Here is the list of 4 Indian cybersecurity startups who have gained traction amid WFH providing secured solutions to curb the cyberthreats:

WiJungle: WiJungle is World’s first Unified Network Security Platform that enables businesses to manage and secure their entire network through a single window. It comprehensively caters the capabilities of the Network Firewall, Web Application Firewall, Hotspot Gateway, DLP, Vulnerability Assessment, etc. and thus not only eradicates the need to have several standalone security products but also reduces the capital investment of an organization by up to 60 percent & simplifies the day-day management along with scalability challenges.

Lucideus: Lucideus was incubated in IIT Bombay. It has developed a Cyber Risk Quantification platform SAFE (Security Assessment Framework for Enterprises) which is used by enterprises globally. This platform helps enterprises measure and mitigate cyber risks objectively in real-time and tells an organization the likelihood of breaches that can occur in the next 12 months. Lucideus has also made its brand name internationally.

Sequretek: Sequretek is a cybersecurity startup which is meant to simplify security for enterprises and businesses. It helps to equip them with AI and ML-driven security tools and solutions which will make sure that the company is secured and properly armed against all the security threats without any vulnerability. These threats can be known and unknown and Sequretek takes care of everything. Sequretek has expertise in domains like BFSI, e-commerce, retail, healthcare, insurance, entertainment, manufacturing, and more.

Securitybulls: Securitybulls is a startup that is indulged in comprehensive pen-testing which is also known as a penetration test or ethical hacking. Securitybulls offers IT security assessments and infrastructure security services. It analyzes the client company’s digital assets and checks for the security risk and flaws from where it can get compromised and attacked. After finding the vulnerability in the security it provides remediation blueprint which will help in enhancing the client’s cybersecurity strategies.

Cyberattacks are a sustained threat, and hence, there’s a need to take the necessary measures to protect your organizational data.

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