Taiwan and India Hold Great Business Synergy

Taiwan and India Hold Great Business Synergy

At a forum cum meeting with Taiwan Machinery & Industrial Products Delegation, the Ambassador Chung-Kwang Tien, a representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre (TECC) in India, said, “There is no other market like India in the world; India is 51 times bigger than Taiwan in terms of population.”

He said that the size of the country doesn’t create hindrance in tapping business opportunities.

Tien said to media that India is a big market with large consumer base and have a strategic advantage, which is needed to be explored by Taiwan Business community.

He said Taiwan is very strong in small and medium enterprises and innovation which is very much needed in India.

Further, he added that the India software power and Taiwan hardware expertise, this kind of mix will be mutually beneficial for both the countries.

Highlighting the India and Taiwan relationship, Tien said that both countries share the same value, democracy, and freedom without any trade and border issues. Those values will create a strong bond between the two countries.

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