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5 Startups To Watch Out in the Disrupting Matchmaking Domain

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Matchmaking refers to the interpretation of data to establish an association between people, groups of people, or businesses. The matchmaking terminology has evolved drastically and is making way with startups.

Emerging businesses in India are matching their requirements and offerings between their clientele and consumer base. The concept of matchmaking has extended beyond couple matches, and is creating disruption across sectors like CSR, audio streaming, human resources, parenting, etc.

Here are 5 new-age startups that are disrupting the space with matchmaking algorithms to offer unique solutions.

  1. Impactify

Impactify is a one stop solution for Corporates’ and NGO’s CSR requirement. Offering a first-of-its-kind digital marketplace, Impactify uses AI and analytics to bring together the main stakeholders of the social sector. It connects NGOs with corporates and sponsors. Empowering India’s social sector with technology, Impactify is currently helping corporates in identifying the right project for their CSR investment by helping them in choosing from 2850+ projects proposed by over 1000+ NGOs on their platform

  1. Hubhopper

India’s largest podcasting and publishing directory, Hubhopper is helping Indian storytellers to reach out to their target audiences through automated suggestions based on the listener’s content consumption patterns. Hubhopper’s SaaS dashboard allows publishers to address each aspect of their customer lifecycle by gaining insightful data regarding user-experience and performance. It also allows Indian storytellers to share their stories with millions of people with Hubhopper studios.

  1. Goalwise

Goalwise works on a goal-based model where customers put in their goals while signing up for the service. The algorithms select mutual funds on their behalf and realign investments annually depending on how the funds are doing. Algorithms realign funds each year based on performance and keep track of the goals that the customer is trying to achieve. Goalwise offers its customers freedom from checking for fund performance with its state-of-the-art ‘set and forget’ goal-based investing solution that single-handedly oversees all aspects of investing including glide path, portfolio rebalancing, target tracking and more.

  1. Momspresso

Momspresso is India’s largest user-generated content platform for women to express themselves. The finely-brewed content on Momspresso offers support to moms across the country, not just in their journey as parents but also in their lives as wives, daughters, and – most importantly – as women! Momspresso is enabling women to create content in the form of text, audio as well as video and cater to over 20 million users every month. It also makes strong use of machine learning technology to create rich user profiles, identifying their content consumption habits and personalizing their experience. Momspresso creates a comprehensive data repository and generates insights which is used by consumer brands like Nestle, Dettol, Pampers, J&J, Horlicks, and Dove etc., and helps them in targeting the right consumers with a new product/ service. Momspresso has recently introduced Support groups on its mobile application. An anonymous network for women, Support groups allows women to post questions in the form of audio messages and helps make the interaction livelier. While this is currently available on the mobile application only, Momspresso plans to introduce audio content creation on the website blogs by the end of the month.


India’s 2nd largest job portal. It connects job-seekers and recruiters by accurately matching through advanced 2-way technology. The platform predicts emerging skill-sets after analyzing recruiter data and recommends relevant courses to job applicants after analyzing their complete profile and application history. It’s almost like having a virtual counsellor. With technological advancements in AI, the overall experience of a candidate has been improved and is also used, to reach a larger pool of skilled and talented candidates.

SMEStreet Desk

SMEStreet is fast growing platform dedicated to entrepreneurs from small and medium sized businesses (SMEs). Committed to facilitate Knowledge & Networking for Business Growth, SMEStreet offers value added content which shows the actual voice of Indian MSMEs.

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