Social Media Success Story in the Making: Link2Connect

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The penetration and relevance of digital media platforms are getting stronger day by day or to be honest, I must say that hour by hour, in our lives. The way information is getting consumed is really phenomenal and amazing. Interestingly, Indian online users have really shocked the world by the way they are consuming digital content. By looking at the bigger picture, experts are saying this with an authority that digital media has become the best medium for customer engagement. But how marketers can use this medium effectively for their purpose is still a topic of discussion and there are several versions around this. Nonetheless, what is more important is to understand that common Internet users have shown a clear mandate of their preference. That is in favor of digital media. Now, while staying on this point, there are several expectations from social media users about depending upon the kind of preferences that they have for their social media platforms.

With a deep understanding of this sector, some digital media enthusiasts become digital entrepreneurs and creates history. We have seen this in past and must remain prepared for more. Ankit Arora, director and founder of Link2Connect is such an entrepreneur who has a clear focus towards understating of how and what is getting consumed on digital platforms and what is the need of the market. In an exclusive interaction with Faiz Askari of SMEStreet, Ankit shared his entrepreneurship story and market dynamics.

Please share a glimpse about how did Link2Connect started?

In late 2013, we coneived an idea of a better social and professional networking platform for social media users. So we started working on bringing additional features which are not available in other available networking sites. For example, we added dictionary feature which was not found easily. In addition to this, marketplace feature is also there and we also added blogging capabilities.

As a background, we were in the business of experiential marketing since 2010. We started a venture by the name of Concepts & Solutions Marketing Pvt. Ltd which is purely into experiential marketing and customer interactions. So we had an idea about the end consumers’ preferences and behavior.

How is the market reaction so far and what kind of penetration has been made by Link2Connect?

The response is no doubt phenomenal.  We launched the platform on February 2014 and since then we have close to 850,000 blogs already. We have nearly 5.72 Lakh users already registered and these users base is spread across more than 100 countries. Indian are definitely on the majority side of our user base.

What is the demography of your user base?

Majorly registered users are from age group of 17 to 35. And majority of users are from India.

What are the key targets you have kept for your business?

The way things are moving towards the market expansion. We are confident of giving very tough competition to some of the global iconic social media  platforms.

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  1. Its good to see that Indian companies are coming at par with American social networking website..but still way to go in terms of more features & better quality..cheers to Link2Connect team

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