SMEStreet Foundation Wishes Happy Diwali

SMEStreet Foundation Wishes A Very Happy Diwali to all MSME Entrepreneurs.

SMEStreet Foundation Wishes Happy Diwali

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SMEStreet Foundation Wishes everyone a very Happy Diwali!

Diwali is considered as the most important festival in India and through people of Indian origin across the world.

Apart from the religious importance of this festival, the Indian economy also holds great relevance for Diwali. A lot of family-owned businesses in India considers the Diwali day as their day for new Financial Year.

This practice is more common among Indian retailer segment.

But this year’s Diwali is very critical as this Diwali came after over seven to eight months of COVID Pandemic.

Whatsoever, it may be, we wish every entrepreneur of MSME segment as well as large enterprises a very Happy Diwali.



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