Set to transform the Indian Heath & Fitness Domain: Lanre

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Well-Known fitness expert from USA, founder of Fit4LA and one of the key founder member trainers of fitness model P90X System, Mr Lanre Idewu has entered India with a mission to serve Indian health & fitness segment.  Lanre is also known as a renowned Hollywood celebrity trainer with specialty in nutrition, physical work outs and overall personality development.

In an exclusive interaction with Mr Faiz Askari of SMEStreet, Mr Lanre Idewu highlighted his experiences of being in India for the first time and also unleashed his vision for the Indian health & fitness segment.

Edited Excerpts of the Interaction:

SMESTreet: You are visiting India for the first time, how is your overall experience?

Lanre: I am excited and overwhelmed to the see this great country. I coming from West and there we discuss a lot of things regarding India but it’s a great experience of coming to this part of the world and experience the same.

What are your vision and plans for the Indian health and fitness segment?

Lanre: Well, in India, health and fitness segment is gradually maturing and people are getting more and more inclined. As compared to the west and US in particular, Indian health and fitness segment is at a different stage of evolution. Things are still evolving in India. For example, in US, there are advanced levels of fitness training and workouts are in practice. But at this juncture, it is highly important for Indian people to understand and experience the best and most advanced techniques and technologies that can bring great value to their healthy life styles.

I have a vision to bring all my global expertise to India and contribute in India’s upcoming success story which is related to health & fitness.

How will you deliver your expertise to Indian market?

Lanre: Well, I am exploring the market and we would like to reach out to this market to the maximum extent.

Fit4LA is set to service the Indian market and we have tied up with Sheru Classic for a successful expansion in the market.

You also have an expertise in the personal training domain, are you planning to bring this expertise as well into the Indian market?

Lanre: Yes, we have been working in the personal trainers’ domain in US and we are planning to bring the same level of expertise to Indian market as well.

What will be the key attraction of your offering for Indian health & Fitness market?

Lanre: Our knowledge and experience of producing world’s best fitness techniques will be key differentiator for us. In addition, people in India want best in class services and they deserve to be aware from the technical advancements that are happening in the fitness domain. For example, people in India are not much aware from the fitness model of P90X. This has transformed the fitness industry in US and have achieved great levels of popularity in areas such as Hollywood, California, West Coast and also other parts of the world. Now, we aim to bring everything which will add value in the world of health and fitness in India.

Please share a glimpse about P90X.

Lanre: P90X is a innovative and most advanced way to work out. It works on ideology of muscle confusion. Muscle confusion is said to prevent the body from adapting to exercises over time, resulting in continual improvement without plateau.

It is a 90-day program that combines a variety of exercise techniques, including strength training, cardio, yoga, plyometrics, and stretching. The program consists of a nutrition guide, fitness plan, calendar, and series of DVDs demonstrating a variety of techniques.

Being a celebrity trainer yourself, what is your mantra of health & fitness?

Lanre: I believe in an ideology that fitness is for everyone, not just those who can afford personal trainers. Hence I work on making fitness more accessible to the public. Secondly, it is extremely important for common people to understand fitness and get educated towards issues such as diet, physical exercise and nutritional values.


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