Reservation For The Handicapped In Railways

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There has been no discrepancy in the reservation for ‘handicapped’ in the Group D centralised recruitment by RRBs. The reasons behind protests were mainly issues specific to Centralized Employment Notice (CEN) No. 02/2018 recruitment exercise conducted by the Ministry of Railways.

Protestors’ demands were regarding computation of Disabled Category vacancies, alleged irregularities/discrimination against some specific candidates, policy of Disabled category reservation as it presently exists. Protestors also raised the issue that many Orthopedically handicapped candidates having Multiple Disability did not apply as a Multiple Disability candidate, and therefore demanded that such candidates should be given an opportunity to be adjusted against Multiple Disability vacancies.

Point-wise discussion took place and appropriate clarifications were given to the protestors. It was clarified to the protestors that vacancy computation has been done as per Hon’ble High Court, Delhi orders in WP NO. 1855/2018. This computation of vacancies has again been challenged by an organization called National Platform for the Rights of Disabled (NPRD) before Hon’ble High Court Delhi in WP NO. 5208/2019. Matter is subjudice.

List of 184 candidates submitted by protestors contending that these candidates had been left out despite qualifying written examination, was examined and it was found that none had qualified. A reply to protestors was given accordingly. A special dispensation has also been provided to those eligible candidates who despite having Multiple Disability had inadvertently applied as a candidate under single Disability category.

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