Plabro brings new service-‘Agent’ for Delhi NCR

Plabro brings new service-‘Agent’ for Delhi NCR

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Plabro, a leader in online real estate services, announced the launch of its service “Agentfor end consumer. This feature is for customer’s requirement, which will help them find the best option with the help of reators. Plabro is helping customers by becoming a single point of contact for their housing needs. On the other side, they empower Realtors by providing them tools to access genuine and effective information to efficiently close the transactions and earn more brokerage. Its a win-win for both the parties involved.

Plabro will take the requirement details from end users and help them to find their dream home with the help of realtors. Plabro is helping both customers and realtors by organising the communication between them. Talking to multiple people is always a tedious task for a consumer and Plabro has a huge focus on that. Consumers have the single point of contact and  Plabro offers them the best options at the best price available in the market based on their needs.

 Mr Pankaj Garg, Co-Founder, added, “At Plabro, we are trying to solve the problem in real estate. We believe in the real estate agents are the main stake holders and by enabling them, we can organise the sectors and make the transaction more efficient for everybody involved. We have over 10,000 realtors in NCR who are actively using our app and we want to enable them so they can do their work efficiently and give customers complete access to the relevant information with their help.”

 Plabro is also planning to launch this unique feature in other Metros soon.

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