Nurturing the HR Capital is Key: Dr Lulwa Al Mutlaq

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President and CEO of Bahrain based Golden Trust, Dr Lulwa Al Mutlaq visited New Delhi, India and shared an overview regarding women entrepreneurship, Human resource development and need for a change towards the aforementioned two areas.In an exclusive discussion with Faiz Askari of SMEStreet, Dr Al Mutlaq highlighted the change that is happening all over the world and that is about the next level empowerment of women in professional world.

Dr Al Mutlaq holds an Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration and for her commendable work towards human resource development she won Oxford Innovation Award. “Bahrain has everything that any global business hub would require,English speaking people, liberal laws on capital and profit restoration, zero tolerance to corruption and transparency and an overall powerful pro-business environment. The Bahrain government is working to build on that tradition by making it easier for new businesses to start. I am happy to be part of Bahrain’s great success story of business,” Dr Al Mutlaq added.

The edited excerpts:

What is the most cutting edge market trend that is getting visible to the world?

The world is changing dynamically. Empowerment of young people and empowerment of women are some strong influencers of this change. In order to stay abreast with this change, organizations have to work upon advanced scientific, technical and academic training for their employees as well as individuals have to nurture themselves from this perspective. With such perspective a new breed of professionals and skilled workforce can redefine the economic and social growth of the country.

Can you please share some experience about the Indian visit? Where do you rate the status of women entrepreneurship in India?

Indian women are multi talented and very professional. The scope for women in the professional world is huge. But, I would like to see more diverse women entrepreneurs from India. Instead of getting into limited fields, I think women should explore newer business areas where a lot of action available for them.

You have been working in the area of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). Please share your experience in human resource development in SME organizations?

SMEs are increasing in number and their development becomes a must in order to ensure their successful contribution to economical development and growth.  The secret to SMEs growth is good human resources management and development.  In general and it is a challenging aspect, entrepreneurs and business owners tend to underestimate the HR functions and its impact on organizations.  Some underestimate the potential of good HR management and development and perform all functions including HR assuming knowledge and understanding of HR functions as much as they understand their area of specialty such as Finance or operations or technology.  So there is a need to realize that HR is a specialized function and profession in itself which need to be learned and understood separately.

What do you suggest to such entrepreneurs, as a HR expert?

There is an impactful solution to this crisis. Streamlining the functional capabilities of HR by attracting, motivating, retaining the human resources is very much possible though systemizing theHR functions and ensure that a full-fledged HR system is in place. Most importantly, business owners and leaders must know how HR business operates and executed in highly performing organizations for high productivity and profitability.

Please share some key insights about your organization Golden Trust?

Golden Trust (GT) is serving the industry since 2006. We providetraining and consultancy services in the area of business and management to both public and private sectors in the Kingdom of Bahrain and other GCC countries. 

 We provide Human Capital & Organization Development services delivering quality training & consultancy solutions with enduring impact on strategy, operations and human resources. 



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