Nitin Gadkari Emphasized Potential of E-Vehicles for India

Nitin Gadkari Emphasized Potential of E-Vehicles for India

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Electric Vehicles on Indian Roads is one of the biggest game-changer for not just the Indian automobile industry but also for the whole world. The Indian government, as well as the entire ecosystem, is making sincere efforts to electrify the transport system gradually and speedily towards electric vehicles. Having said this, Union Minister of Highways and Transport and MSME Mr. Nitin Jairam Gadkari re-emphasized on the urge of catching this opportunity of Electric vehicles. He said, a potentially rich country like ours’ must not ‘miss the bus’ for creating a local manufacturing base for electric vehicles.

With this statement, minister indicated that this sector is becoming absolutely prominent and MSME manufacturers must capitalize this opportunity to the best.

“Our dream of electrification is progressing very swiftly. Electric as a fuel is so cheap, pollution-free, and cost will be competitive once the scale increases,” Gadkari said at the launch of Bajaj’s electric two-wheeler.

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