Narendra Modi Announces Extension of Lockdown till 3rd May

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PM Narenrda Modi gave his thanks to the people of India for immense support on his call for national lockdown amid COVID-19. Remembering Baba Sahab Ambedkar on his birth anniversary, PM Modi dedicated this fight as his birth gift from the people of India by following the rules and guidelines of for their safety.

The world over situation related to COVID-19 is known to all and we are doing all necessary efforts to stop this pandemic’s impact in India.
PM Modi says, “We took some early decisions and actions to stop the inflow of this COVID-19. Fast decision making has shown some results in which today we stand safe as compared to developed countries. Although I don’t prefer to compare two different nations on such parameters. It is our holistic and integrated approach to deal with this virus. But in the last few days, our decisions have shown positive results.”

“Social distancing and lockdown have contributed significantly to our safety. Economics of this lockdown is a very difficult parameter. The state governments have also shown great response to our call,” commented PM Modi.

But the way Coronavirus is spreading very dangerously world over.

“Now our priority is to how to continue our fight on COVID-19. And in order to come out as successful winners. We decided to continue the national lockdown till 3 May 2020,” says PM Modi.

He also indicated by saying, “Now, our Lockdown guidelines will become strict and we have to ensure controlling the spread of Corona hotspots.”

From 20th April there will be some relief in limited areas in order to ensure daily wages labours. PM Garib Kalyan Yojana will ensure the interest of poors and underprivileged. Govt is also focused and committed to ensuring farmers and the agriculture sector.

Before concluding, PM urged special support from the people of India to extend their support.

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