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MSME Ministry Launched Portal for Women Entrepreneurs

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The MSME Ministry launched a portal for women entrepreneurs of India, on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

The portal for women entrepreneursof India: was unveiled by the Minister of State (Independent Charge) of MSME, Giriraj Singh, in a program at the Ambedkar International Centre, New Delhi.

The Minister said that India has around 8 million women who have started and are running their own businesses and the Ministry of MSME believes that the women in India can play a vital role in the growth of the Indian economy.

The portal is a network for nurturing entrepreneurship and creating business models for low cost products and services in order to empower women and make them self-reliant and self-sufficient.

The portal provides assistance through its platform for entrepreneurship learning tools, incubation facility,training programs for fund raising, providing mentors, one-on-one investor meet, provide market survey facility and technical assistance.

Arun Kumar Panda, Secretary MSME addressed the women entrepreneurs attending the program and informed them that the Ministryis on the path of creating a vibrant MSME sector by promoting growth and development of this sector including Khadi, Village and Coir industries, in cooperation with the concerned ministries and departments, state governments and other stake holders.

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  1. To
    Shri . Narendra Modi
    Prime Minister of India

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    A project to manufacture the plates for battery – accumulators to fulfill the demands to solve the energy crises as well as to provide jobs to a few unemployed persons .This is the way to enliven the dreams of shri Narendra Modi , the Prime Minister of India . I wish him to cherish and enliven India through his lifetime . It can be recalled that shri Narendra Modi . P. M . , India addressed the Indian diaspora on 18th ultimo in London to give emphasis on various schemes of Govt . of India for the allround developments , including women ‘ s empowerment . He also assured a complete financial help through bank advances to ecconomically weaker entrepreneurs without security and hypothecated property . It can be recalled that shri Vijay Nandan is an expert of manufacturing battery and battery – plate . He visited St . Petersburg , Russia in 2016 for the promotion of his cited batteries on international market . You were frequently updated my problems in my modus – operandi and redtapesims through too many e – mails .
    I am sorry to inform you that no positive heed has been paid to my requests .
    Instead , frequently redtapesims are made through frivolous correspondence underlining prejudicial data .
    Battery – plates is paraphernalia of accumulator . Battery boxes are required to be manufactured to ensure the compatibility . The report of the inspection of my production unit is also frivolous . A technical know – how person should hed been included in the team of investigation .
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    My financial condition is becoming worse on account of outstanding payment . I have already pledged my securities as per your requirements to enable me to obtain the additional loan to go ahead with the project .
    The cited request for you kind perusal , please ! Thanking you .
    Seoni Smt.Deepmala Nandan.
    Date 22/05/2018

    1. Hello Ma’am,
      We are concerned for your problems. I guess there are concerned Govt. agencies which can help you with this problem. You should approach to them.

  2. Details for registration number : PMOPG/E/2018/0383852
    Name Of Complainant EXLDE Battery unit
    Date of Receipt 11/08/2018
    Received By
    Prime Ministers Office
    Grievance Description
    To,The Branch manager ,Central M.P. Gramin Bank ,Main Branch Seoni, M.P.Subject :
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    Nandan ,wife of Shri Vijay Nandan ,Seoni,M.P. ,has been provided with a loan of Rs 25
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    ,Centre , Seoni .Vide his memo no:- (1) PMOPG/E/2018/0207133,Date 03/05/2018 to
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    Thanks Deepmala Nandan ,Propriter-EXLDE Battery Seoni M.P.Dated –10/08/2018
    Seoni M.P.
    Current Status Under process
    Date of Action 13/09/2018
    Please examine the grievance at an appropriate level for redressal. Action Taken on
    the grievance may be intimated to the petitioner and a copy of the reply sent to him be
    uploaded on CPGRAMS along with ATR.
    Officer Concerns To
    Officer Name Shri umesh kumar singh
    Officer Designation General Manager
    Contact Address Central Office, II Floor , MMO Building M G ROAD,

  3. To, hon’ble Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad .
    Ministry Of Law And Justice Government of India .
    4th Floor, A-Wing, Shastri Bhawan New Delhi-110 001

    Subject: – On the direction of Hon’ble Supreme Court with the help of Delhi Police and Delhi Administration, the memorandum has been executed by me on 3 – 4 December 2019 and 24 January 2020 in Jantar Mantar Delhi through fast unto death.
    Reference: – PMOPG / D / 2019/0478675 Date of Receipt 27/12/2019
    Suspicious Functioning of Trademark Office Mumbai.

    (1) RTI No. CGPDT / A / 2019/60044 dated 05 December 2019 pending 45570 Third Party Opposition Case at Trademark Office Mumbai only.
    (2) His Excellency the President has the authority to pardon the death penalty by the Supreme Court. Answer on the date received Grievance No. PRSEC / E / 2019/08965 Do not interfere in the Tribunal case. Challenge of President’s field of work – Trademark Office Mumbai.
    (3) Advice to the Prime Minister’s Office not to interfere in the Tribunal case received Grevens number PMOPG / E / 2019/0522397 dated – 28.09.2019. Trademark Office Mumbai.
    (4) Shri S.D. Respected Mr. O.P. by Ojha Gupta (I.A.S.) replied to the official of the Controller’s Trade Mark, HEARING on an e-mail dated 25 November 2019. From this, it appears that giving false and false information to the constitutional posts of the country to benefit the big company by the concerned office officer is a serious crime.
    (5) Public Grievance Number of India PMOPG / E / 2019/0525375 I dated 8 September 2019 replied by the Trademark Office Office Mumbai on 6 February 2020 that an early hearing can be held under the TM-M Trademark Rules 2017 It is beyond reasonable to give three different types of answers in the same case to the constitutional posts at the country and international level.
    (6) Claim of Modi government will be trademark redressal in one month. It will take 8 to 10 years to dispose the department.
    (7) ( The Chloride Electrical Storage Company England) without TM 33 EXIDE Industrial Ltd. has done billions of business in 2 years Department silence in the name of investigation. (Case no. 694 dated 18 November 2017) can be seen on the website e-registry main page of the office.
    (8) The task of the Trademark Court is to deliver justice. The functioning of the court gives priority to compromise by denying justice. In 8 -10 years, the businessman is forced to break the agreement – the system has become like an agent of a big company.
    (9) The President, Prime Minister, Parliament and others have no status before the Trademark Court.
    (10) Due to the policies of the government, our property lying in a dead state is being auctioned, people are given loans under the Mudra Yojana, our name is not included.
    (11) I request the officials of the concerned office to respond to what is being written by me, do not mislead the constitutional posts of the country in any way, it may cause harm to the country.

    Therefore, by the Excellency the President of the Lok Sabha, the highest institution of our India, the institution from which the citizens of the whole of India get justice. I am a woman young entrepreneur touching the feet of the President of that institution and requesting me to take care of my family. Help me run smoothly. Thank you .
    Copy to
    (1) Secretary (Justice) Shri Barun Mitra Ji .
    Shakti format photo copy pdf upload.
    Datet 21/02/2020
    Seoni M.P.

    I Mrs. Deepmala Nandan
    Nandan Battery Service
    Chhindwara Chowk Seoni Madhya Pradesh.

    Mo 9424747787

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