MSME Ministry Appreciated & Acknowledged GeM’s Efforts to Bring MSMEs into Govt’s Buying Network

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Acknowledging the concept of reaching out to MSMEs for Government related selling, Arun Kumar Panda, Secretary, Ministry of MSME appreciated Government e-Marketplace (GeM) as a mission to connect the MSMEs with govt’s buying machinery, he said, “GeM is a great thought and a great executed marketplace to all the sellers.”

Talking on the National Consultative Workshop for MSMEs, WSHGs and Start-ups on Government e-marketplace Mr. Panda said that everyone including Prime Minister Narendra Modi is talking about the immense potential that this e-marketplace holds for everyone in this country.

He stressed it is not just beneficial for sellers but for buyers as well. Talking about the biggest challenge faced by the government, he said that many of these MSMEs are actually not on digital platforms.

Adding to this he told that there is massive formalization happening. Out of 1.15crore registration in the GSTN, overwhelming large part is actual MSMEs, which is around 1.07crore.

He requested to all MSMEs, that it will be beneficial for them if they register on all the three portals- GSTN, Udyog Aadhar and GEM. As only then we can contact them, give them handholding support and disseminate information, he said.

He suggested various inputs like private sector should also be given a chance to buy from GEM, to have a craft source of ideas from everyone and to have a National drive for making the platforms more powerful.

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