Minstry of HRD is Working on Redefining Education Sector

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Union Ministry of Human Resource Development has made it clear to take on to boot out the mafia of education sector, a top official said at an ASSOCHAMManagement Development Institute (MDI) joint event held in Gurugram .
“We are cleansing the education sector, it is fun at somebody’s cost because when you take on mafia they hit back at you and they are hitting back hard, it does not really matter so as long you are on a firm footing, the change will come about and we will bring about the change,” said secretary, Department of School Education & Literacy, Mr Anil Swarup while inaugurating an ASSOCHAM-MDI joint conference on ‘Managing Change in Evolving Economic Scenario.’
Mr Swarup, who was moved from Ministry of Coal said that chain management in education sector was worse than management in coal where mining was done underground and the mafia were over ground while in education it is the other way round.

Govt’s Focus Towards Education

“All the mafia in the education sector is underground, you have got to mine them out and I am doing that and take them on, it is not easy, I can tell you as I have already lost two generals, one has resigned and the other shifted, it is not easy, but the battle shall go on,” he said.
“We are thinking out of the box, I am trying to create an environment where education can flourish, hopefully some of it is happening,” added the secretary of school education and literacy.
He however rued that education sector was not given due importance in the media and otherwise. “Unfortunately education is not a sexy subject so it will not get flashed in the newspaper, only the wrong things will get published.”
He also said that main impact of education sector would be realised in next 10 years as no one was currently interested in it.
Recalling instances during his stint at Coal Ministry, Mr Swarup said that though it was not a very easy job but he thoroughly enjoyed it as he looked at it positively.
“In the two years that I spent as coal secretary, initially we did spend a few sleepless nights but at the end of the day it was heartening to note that we had managed to put in place a transparent, web-based system to digitise all the files and papers so that I could travel to the states,” said Mr Swarup.
“During my entire tenure of two years, I did not hold a single meeting in Delhi with the states, I said the problem is in the states so I am going there,” he added.
He also said that going to the field became the game-changer for coal sector. “We sat with the chief secretaries because the problem was there, one of the biggest problem was that land was not becoming available for mining of coal because what I understood was that all this coal mafia was on account of shortage of coal.”
In his address at the ASSOCHAM-MDI joint event, the Union Minister of State for HRD, Mr Upendra Kushwahathere stressed upon the need to streamline the recruitment process. He also requested the private sector to work together with government institutions to fulfil industry requirement.
“With increase in per capita income of masses, one can be assured that India will be the next big thing in the coming decade as the innovative and daring thinkers are going to be the decision makers in the near future with lots of transformation,” said ASSOCHAM secretary general, Mr D.S. Rawat.
“Many market changers will be emerging who will have the courage and ability to cater the needs of the society. The more the market and economy becomes sensitive towards the lower strata of society, and is aware of the social and economic barriers people face, the healthier the economy will become in future,” he said.

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