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‘Make in India’ Setting the Tone of Next Level Growth

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In an exclusive conversation with SMEStreet, Nayan Bheda, Founder – ISeB & Edvantez, Mentor, Serial Entrepreneur shared his viewpoint on ‘Make in India’ campaign and its possible impact on the Indian industry.

Nayan mentioned, “India is better known as the land of poets, philosophers and geniuses like the renowned mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan but education in India has always been by rote and the methodology has to be changed. Home to the best academic institutes like IIT, IIM and others, there are still lakhs who are deprived of a good education. Blame it on brain drain perhaps, but there are enough and more skilled personnel in the country to train people in the correct manner to enhance their livelihood. Isn’t that what Make In India is all about.  It takes but one person to set the pace – the others follow.”

Education shouldn’t be a considered as a benchmark only to make your presence felt in the social and economic world but to embellish your skills consistently and add value to the lives of others in return. He further added, “India is a witness to many unsung heroes and acknowledging the genius of a person helps motivate others too.”

Today, India is rated as one of the few countries which produces intellects par excellence.  From teenagers to adults, there is a lot of passion to excel.

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