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Lessons on Integrity: Entrepreneurial Leadership

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Lessons on Integrity: Entrepreneurial Leadership Featuring Mr Manav Singh

Mr. Manav Singh, a business graduate from Menlo College, California, an Himachali from heart,an alumnus from the prestigious Bishop Cotton School in Shimla, always had a keen interest in planes, buildings, technology and infrastructure. Twenty years later you find him leading from the helm of the company as the Chairman and Founder of a 1000 crore worth group Imperial Holding – with businesses in aviation, air ambulance, private air charter and real-estate. A passionate flier himself, he earned immense recognition in the field of aviation. As he entered the world of real-estate, he discovered his love for open spaces and lush pine forests. Spread across 100 acres of beautiful landscapes, Auramah Valley is a project close to his heart and passionate about.

Imperial Air, a company owned and operated by Mr. Singh prides in being a one stop solution, for any company seeking to invest in an aircraft of their own. It provides a great value for money while giving their consumers a luxurious experience to say the least. Along with this it also provides the option to access their database on aircraft and narrow down to the one that suits specific long term needs. The company supplies spare parts for commercial and private jets, as well as repair management too. By the coming year they aim to acquire two to three aircrafts and continue this trend in the foreseeable future.
Imperial Air, has three subsidiary companies Imperial Realty, Imperial Air and United Aerospaces under it and operates with Private Charter and Air Ambulances amongst other aviation related activities. Currently, they have 6 pilots on call 24*7 and a few more who work with them as and when required, all of whom have considerable experience in the kind of aircraft they operate. The air ambulance service by Imperial Air is one of the best, as they have specialized doctors on board and equipment that caters to the needs of the patient.


With a fleet that can cater to individuals as well as families or a corporate wanting to travel privately, Imperial Air has ambitious expansion plans. The other subsidiary company, Imperial Realty hosts a project in Naldehra, near Shimla christened, Auramah Valley.  Spread across 75 acres, several dozen homes have already been constructed while the infrastructure for the rest of them is in place. Being a pure bred Himachali, Mr. Singh is exploring opportunities for further investment there as a result of which Imperial Realty is already the largest land holder in Himachal Pradesh. He estimates that Himachal is where the future of real estate lies. Always dressed in shades of dark blue and green and a towering Indian flag on the property, shows his love and affection towards his country.

Unlike the rest of his contemporaries, Mr. Singh is visibly happy with the recent Real Estate Bill. “Now, what you say, you have to deliver”, he declares. “It will help weed out those who were unscrupulous and induct a more honest base of builders”, Mr. Singh added.

Apart from being a business tycoon, he is immensely respected for his social outlook. He has built a school to elevate education in the area around Auramah Valley and has also created employment for women and the old. He has also introduced a state of the art water harvesting system with new farming techniques.

He regularly invests in IT and Infrastructure. His other interests are golf, horse riding, tennis, scuba diving and skiing. He is an avid reader and is writing his first book, Memoirs To My Daughter – Lessons of Life.

He is married to Sagri and has a 12-year-old daughter, Amayra.

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