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KVIC’s Chairman VK Saxena Named As SMEStreet GameChanger

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While every challenge can lead to toa benchmark innovation through proactive and smart thinking. Those catalysts which can make such benchmarks out of a crisis are Game Changers. We have witnessed such proactive and smart thinking from some policymakers and KVIC’s efforts for MSME and entrepreneurship development in the times of COVID cannot be ruled out. 

In the era of COVID Pandemic, we have witnessed the scale of this crisis. As a media platform, we realized the importance of motivating those Game Changers who paved this phase with their dedication and professional acumen in emerging as a winner for their organization, society or their business ecosystem. 

On this backdrop, we at SMEStreet Foundation have recognized KVIC’s Chairman Shri VK Saxena as the SMEStreet GameChanger. This recognition is driven by the proactive efforts in the last few months, especially the success of PMEGP, KVIC’s Work for the upliftment of Underprivileged. 


“With Pandemic impact, everything suddenly started getting considered for a restart and business activities. This effect has caused a major halt of financial flow among small entrepreneurs and the local artisans. At KVIC we aimed to break this halt and through our various efforts, we aimed to bring back economic revival for such entrepreneurs and artisans. I wish to thank SMEStreet’s team for taking up this venture of GameChangers as this will spread the right message of a strong come-back spirit among Indian job creators,” added Shri Vinai K Saxena, Chairman of KVIC. 

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“Well, COVID 19 has made all of us realised the power of economic self-dependency. We at KVIC always considered opportunities rather possibilities of ensuring employment opportunities for the local people from the existing resources they have,” commented Shri Saxena.

Vinai K Saxena, SMESTreet GameCHangers, KVIC, SMEStreet, Faiz Askari,
Vinai K Saxena Chairman of KVIC,

“At SMEStreet Foundation, it is our great pleasure to recognize important game-changers who led our society to come out of this crisis of pandemic, which impacted the economy and the entire economic cycle. Industry leaders, policymakers have made a lot of efforts during the last nine months and ensured a support mechanism for their respective business ecosystem,” says Mr. Faiz Askari, Secretary-General and Editor of SMEStreet Foundation & Congratulating Shri Vinai Saxena for his contributions for economic development through KVIC’s strategic activities. Mr Faiz Askari mentioned, “I am thankful and happy to see our policymakers taking sincere and proactive measures of bringing back the economy on track. Undoubtedly, Shri Saxena’s leadership for KVIC have produced some great result-oriented initiatives which made regional as well as nationwide economic development especially for those who are considered to be the last row of the society.”  

SMEStreet GameChangers is an attempt to recognize such individual success stories who have made a significant impact in their respective horizon of business. Success stories of successful Corporate COVID Warriors while doing something innovative, something constructive in sustaining business will get showcased here. We can refer these heroes as COVID warriors of sustaining business. SMEStreet GameChangers will become a platform to motivate and spread the good. With an aim that this GameChanger recognition will inspire Good Factor in others. This is a nationwide as well as a global initiative which will ultimately motivate CXOs, Entrepreneurs and Policymakers who have contributed in the COVID recovery phase.

After the successful completion of the first season of SMEStreet GameChangers, SMEStreet is all set to introduce the season two of the SMEStreet GameChangers. Nominations are also invited. 

To nominate for SMEStreet GameChanger click here to nominate 

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