Introducing Sticky Toys: Exciting Product Line by SM TOYS

SM TOYS aims to supply India's growing need for Sticky Toys. This outstanding output guarantees that kids all around the nation will have access to these exciting toys, which are predicted to spark a new trend in the toy business.

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SM TOYS, a leading toy manufacturer, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest product line, Sticky Toys. These innovative toys have already created a buzz in the Indian market, with a phenomenal demand that has exceeded all expectations.

With a production capacity of 8 million toys per day, SM TOYS aims to meet the soaring demand for Sticky Toys in India. This impressive output ensures that children across the country will have access to these captivating toys, which are set to become a new sensation in the toy industry.

Sticky Toys offer a wide variety of options, boasting more than 80 different varieties. From cute animals to vibrant shapes, there is a Sticky Toy for every child’s preference. What sets these toys apart is their rainbow colors, designed to attract and captivate young minds. The colorful range includes all the shades of the rainbow, making them even more appealing to kids.

In addition to the overwhelming response in India, SM TOYS is proud to announce that it has secured a prestigious American client for its Sticky Toys – Bensus Imports and Becky’s from Holland. This partnership highlights the international appeal of these innovative toys and further strengthens SM TOYS’ position in the global market.

“We are thrilled to introduce Sticky Toys, a unique and exciting product line that has already gained immense popularity in India,” said Gaurav Mirchandani, Founder & CEO at SM TOYS. “The demand for Sticky Toys has surpassed our expectations, and we are committed to ensuring that children everywhere have access to these captivating toys. We are also excited to partner with Bensus Imports and Becky’s from Holland,  renowned American clients, and look forward to expanding our reach across international markets.”

SM TOYS remains committed to creating high-quality, safe, and engaging toys for children of all ages. With the launch of Sticky Toys, the company continues to innovate and provide products that spark imagination and bring joy to young hearts.

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