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Innovative Startup for the Well Being:

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This is the era of innovation in business. Those who manage to innovate will succeed. Among innovative league of businesses,  is a new name. Founded by Bhavyassh Agrawaal and Ebrahim Ishaq- has started it’s business journey. In an exclusive conversation  with SMEStreet Bhavyassh Agrawaal expressed some key insightful information about his venture and also unleashed some insightful trends in the wellbeing industry.

edited excerpts

Please share some detailabout your business?

 TheChairr is a tech based beauty, grooming and wellness business head quartered in Mumbai.

We’ve been lucky with the timing as this industry is set to grow exponentially as India’s youth, comprising 53 percent of the total population (according to the NSDC report on Skills published in2015) leading to opening up of the beauty and wellness market as everyone in this age group wants to be physically and mentally fit and look good.

TheChairr will be the go-to place for anyone’s grooming, beauty and wellness needs. The users can refer to the skills, past experiences, ratings for each service provider based on previous clients’ interactions. They can discover and make an informed decision, simply call the outlet or freelancer for an appointment without any tiresome online booking channels coming in their way and directly pay at the venue.

How are your experiences as an entrepreneur in establishing this business?

We risked it all and began our journey into this exciting wellness, beauty, grooming industry.

 This space has been a life changing experience for the both of us. Being involved in the Hospitality and Logistics industries before TheChairr has only been an added advantage as they both are service oriented, customer focused sectors. Stakeholders (users, vendors, investors) satisfaction has been our prime objective while exploring and conceptualizing the product. is a platform crafted to enable the beauty, grooming and wellness industry players compete on the basis of their skills, which promises to flourish each and every one in the supply chain, starting from academies, freelancers, outlet and brands, product manufacturers, knowledge providers and finally finishing up with clients.

We’ve been involved in this space through TheChairr for little over a year now and are finally set to go live in May 2016.

 What are your expansion plans?

 Spending on beauty and wellness is no longer considered a luxury. Customers are are more aware of holistic approaches to welbeing and setting aside quality time towards these activities. To meet the demand, we plan to add more supply side vendors in the months to come as customers are willing to pay a premium for a beauty and wellness ‘experience’.

 Please share some key milestones you achieved for your business?

In this past one year we’ve graduated from working out of a coffee shop to an office.

TheChairr has a number of brands and freelancers that have validated our business model and concept by partnering with them even before the website has gone live.

Luxurious Spas like L’Occitane Spa, Sukho Thai, O2 Spa, The Four Fountain Spa, Sohum Spa and more.

Salon Chains with pan India presence such as Naturals Salon, Saks Salon, Envi Salon, Shahnaz Husain, Warren Tricomi, Elle Salon, Pep Salons, Enrich Salon and more.

Trendy Nail Studios including Nail Spa Experience, Paintbox The Nail Studio and more.

Renowned Tattoo Studios with Al’s Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio, Tattoo Guru, Live.Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio amongst many more.


Leading Skin, Hair and Beauty Clinics covering Dr. Batra’s, Kaya Skin Clinic, Richfeel Trichology Clinics, Skin Story, Ageless Clinics and more.

Prominent Freelance Professionals inclusive of Ojas Rajani, Tabeer Amrohi, Aditi Mehra and many more.

1200 plus outlets have been registered in a few metro cities and we have close to 800 users waiting to get the first preview of our website.


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